Everyday Adventures {28}

This was the view from my house last weekend. Yes it was cold and snowy, but it was also very pretty. As long as I was … [Read More...]

Pop Up Chili Pie-

Pop Up Chili Pie

Pop Up Chili Pie is an easy and delicious dinner your family will love! Pop up pies are a recipe that I have been making for years. The … [Read More...]

WIIW 31-2

Sumo Tangerines {What Is It Wednesday}

I am so glad that you all are excited about What Is It Wednesday coming back. I am really looking forward to sharing new foods with all of … [Read More...]


Gluten Free Wednesdays

Up until the last few weeks we have had a mild winter here in Oklahoma. That is something much of the country cannot say. Winter has hit the … [Read More...]

Two Minute Cookies -

Two Minute Cookies {Cooking Through My Collection}

Two minute cookies are simple cookies to make and taste great. This recipe for my Cooking Through My Collection series comes from the … [Read More...]

Weekly Menu Plan

Menu Plan

I hope you have a great week! Here is this week's plan. Breakfast Sausage Pancake Muffins Yogurt and Coffee Cake Muffins- I need to … [Read More...]