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Martha’s Chocolate Pudding Cake

I love this recipe. It makes part cake and part pudding. It is pretty easy to put together and contains things I usually have in the pantry. This recipe came from Martha Stewart. I saw it on her TV show about 4 years ago.

I knew right away that I wanted to try this recipe. I copied the recipe off her website and gave it a try. We loved it.

I have used the recipe so much that I laminated it so that nothing would happen to it. Well, I recently lost it. I tore my kitchen, recipe box, and stack of recipes apart. It was no where to be found. I went to the Martha Stewart website to print off the recipe again. I could not find it on her site either. They no longer have it posted.

I was so disappointed. But I finally found the recipe. I had put it in a pile where it did not belong. I should know better than to do that. I am so glad that I can now make it again. I wanted to post it so that I would not lose it again.

I hope you enjoy.

Be sure to read this recipe all the way through before you start it. It is easy but it has a few steps.

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  1. Briana Almengor says:

    MMMM…my mom made this for us growing up, likely b/c it has easily accessible ingredients in it. I love it for a warm winter treat.

  2. FishMama says:

    Yummy! I’ve only had it made in the crockpot, but I loved it.

  3. this looks yummy i,m going to make this today

  4. Hi there! love love love this recipe! It’s not too sweet, not too buttery, but very very very chocolatey! Thanks!

    If I may ask, how long does this pudding keep in an airtight container? And should it be refridgerated?

  5. My mom made this in the 60’s, but we add nuts – love it!
    Don’t have it in front of me but it seems pretty darn similar 🙂

    • ok – I have it in front of me. It has more baking powder and no eggs! Weird, but I swear it works 🙂
      Otherwise everything just a little different, flour and brown sugar the same, more milk and water, and a little less of everything else!

  6. Andrea D. says:

    I made this tonight and my girls and son loved it. My son is only 14 months and he kept saying “Ummmmm, ummmm.” I take this as a very high compliment from him. 🙂

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