Jars and Labels

cab 1

The theme of Works For Me Wednesday is kitchen management. I think this is a great theme because I love talking about the kitchen. I have a pretty small kitchen. It is very open so it does not feel small, but it is. It does not have much cabinet or counter space. To help solve this I have a few furniture pieces that are both […]

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Life In The Country


I am sorry, but I decided to do another non food post. I hope you do not mind. I wanted to participate in Gratituesday today. I love life in the country. If you have read my blog long I am sure you have realized that. Fall is my favorite time of year in Oklahoma and I especially enjoy fall in the country. I am not […]

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Apple Dumpling Dessert

apple dumpling dessert

I have another apple dessert for you. I hope you are not tired of apple posts. This is a favorite in our house. It is also a favorite at our church dinners. I have taken it several times. I try to make this at least once in the fall, sometimes several times. It does make a lot, so it is a dish that I like […]

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Menu Plan

Here is this weeks menu plan. I am planning on trying four new recipes this week. I also have several desserts I would like to try this week. I hope to post about those soon. I made pizza for dinner last night. I used fresh mozzarella. It was so good. I have never bought fresh mozzarella. I have always used the regular mozzarella cheese. I […]

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A Few Random Things

cooks illustrated mag

I wanted to post about a few random things. 1. In case you were wondering, I did get me house cleaned. I spent all day Saturday cooking, cleaning, and ironing. I am so glad I finally had time to tackle those jobs. Blogging about it motivated me to get it done, even if none of you cared to read about it. 2. Update on the […]

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Trying To Keep Things Real


I decided to do a post trying to keep things real. I usually post pictures of food and recipes I have tried. But in case you all think that I have it all together, I thought I would show you some pictures I took around my house tonight. For various reasons I have had a crazy couple of weeks. My way to relax has been […]

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Being Organized

I am very organized with my time, but I am not very organized with my stuff. My pantry tends to be a little disorganized, okay, very disorganized. This is an area that I have really struggled with. One of the main reasons is when I see something for a really good price, I buy ten. Last spring I found tomato sauce on sale 5 for […]

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Seven Things About Me

Catherine tagged me. I decided to play along because I thought it might be a good time tell you a little more about me. I won’t tag anyone though. I hope you enjoy reading some random facts about me. 1. I am five foot ten inches tall. I used to be very self conscience about my height. I never wore high heels, because it made […]

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Crock Pot Question

green crockpot

Yesterday I asked a question about how everyone blogs. Today, I have another question. I hope it is okay to ask a crock pot question instead of posting a recipe. I have two crock pots. They are two different sizes. They are also two different colors. My smaller one is dark green and I have it it for about five years. It still looks pretty […]

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