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Country Bob’s Sauce

Country Bobs recently offered to send me two bottles of their all purpose meat sauce to try. After I looked around their website, I saw several things that looked really good. The spicy version of the all purpose sauce looked especially interesting because my husband loves spicy foods. I told them I would be glad to give their sauce a try, so they sent me a bottle of the original sauce and a bottle of the spicy.

We do not use a lot of different sauces on meat in our house. My husband has a favorite local barbecue sauce that he likes, and I do use that a lot. We like it on our hamburgers, on our chicken, and on pork. Neither my husband or I like A1 style steak sauce. We just don’t like the flavor of it. So, I was curious to try Country Bob’s and see what we thought.

We really liked these sauces. I used it in hamburgers when we had friends over on Labor Day. I used 4 pounds of meat and mixed in about 3/4 of a cup of sauce into the meat before I formed it into patties. I set out both the original and the spicy when I served the hamburgers, and most used the sauce instead of ketchup.

Several really liked the spicy sauce served this way.

I also used the original sauce to make grilled chicken sandwiches. I spread the sauce on the chicken as I was grilling it. Then my husband and son added the spicy sauce on theirs when they placed it on the bun.

What we liked best about Country Bob’s Sauce was that it was not overly sweet. It was a little sweet but not too sweet. My husband’s main complaint about sauces are that they are too sweet and not tangy enough. We both really liked the balance of Country Bob’s Sauce. This sauce was a really nice change from the barbecue sauce I usually use. I will definitely be buying this sauce to keep on hand.

I had never noticed this sauce before, but I looked and my Wal-Mart Supercenter does carry the original version. So, if you like to try different meat sauces out, give Country Bob’s a try. You can also visit their website here to check out all of their products.

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  1. Thanks for this post. I have a coupon for this sauce and I was wondering about it. I feel the same way your husband does about sauces! Now I will give it a try.

  2. That is the favorite sauce in our house – hands down!

  3. Great googily-moogily! That is one seriously beef-rage inducing burger! All the teenage boys in my house took a good long glance at that one!

  4. Okay, all these recipes are making me hungry. GOod thing I’m grocery shopping today (C:

  5. mom_of2boys says:

    We love Country Bob’s sauce. We use it on our burgers as a “secret” sauce. Everyone always loves them.

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