Oreo Cookie Bark

I saw a recipe like this several years ago in a magazine. I have made it every years since then because it is always a big hit. It is so easy and so good. Who doesn’t like Oreo’s and chocolate? How could you not like this?

I have adapted the recipe some to make it more how I like it. I hope you try this one it is really good. It is also a great one for the kids to help with.

I will post all my Christmas party recipes over the next two week so keep checking back for more great holiday recipe ideas.

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  1. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace says:

    Oh my goodness. I have never had this, but I can taste it, as I think about it!! Woo hoo. I will be making these! Thanks for sharing. TMTT is really going to be fun, this month!

  2. I did a search for freezer meals and your blog came up. My question to you is, can you freeze a breakfast casserole, (eggs, cubed bread, etc) My concern was, the bread getting way to soggy. thanks for your advice.

  3. Yes Tracey I have frozen a breakfast casserole. I did cut back the liquid just a little. I think it was fine. I freeze my baked french toast too and it works well. I have posted that recipe. I am glad you found my blog. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Penless Thoughts says:

    Oh for sure I’m going to try this one, Lynn. I have a son-in-love who LOVES chocolate and this will be right up his alley for sure. Appreciate you and all the wonderful recipes you share with us!

  5. Thank goodness you left a comment on my blog. I was on your site before and loved it and lost the address. I could not remember the name but when I brought it up I remembered. I signed up for your feeds so this never happends again

  6. That looks wonderful! Thanks for showing the how-tow pictures. That makes the process so much easier for me to picture in this little mind of mine!

  7. This sounds so yummy. Now I just have to try it.

  8. It is like I can taste it just by looking at it. This looks awesome and easy! Two of my favorite qualities in food!

  9. Wow! This sounds amazing!! 😀 Oreos and chocolate!!

  10. I am passing along a Lemonade bloggers award, for a blog that shows “attitude or gratitude”. Please see the award here.

  11. JessieLeigh says:

    What a fun, yummy treat! Thanks so much for sharing! Yes, indeed… who doesn’t like chocolate and oreos! (And the choc. covered ones you can buy are just SO pricey!)

  12. Yum yum yum. What’s not to like?

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