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Weber Smoker and a Recipe

When I was offered to review a Weber Smoker as part of the Girls Grill Too campaign, I was thrilled.

My husband loves smoked meat. Although we have  really nice grill, he has been wanting a smoker for a long time. When he was growing up his parents had a large smoker, and they used it often. He loved the meat they used to cook in it.

So, when my smoker came last week I could not wait to use it. I was excited to see how it worked, and how it would cook the meat.

First of all this was very easy to put together. It came in a large box, and my eight year old son and I had it put together in no time. Assembling it was easy.

Now for the cooking part. I will admit I was a little nervous about it. I have cooked on a grill using charcoal before, but I had never used a smoker. After reading through the directions, I gave it a try.

This was so easy. Once I got it going, there was really nothing to do but check on it occasionally throughout the day. Now, this is not something you can start and leave to go shopping. You really do need to do this when you are going to be home, and able to keep an eye on it, but it was easy.

Smoking meat is a little time consuming, so I decided that if I was going to take the time to smoke meat, I was going to smoke enough meat to last for several meals. I decided to try a whole chicken and a large pork roast.

This worked really well, because this smoker holds a lot of meat. In fact I only used the top rack. I could have fit a lot more meat into it, and I probably will next time. I love the fact that I can cook a lot of meat at one time and serve it for several meals.

Both the pork and chicken turned out really well. It was some of the best smoked meat that I have had. I could not believe the results I got using this smoker, it really was some of the best barbecued/smoked meat that I have had. It was certainly the best that I have cooked myself.

For the chicken, I simply followed the directions that came with the smoker.

For the pork roast I used a rub recipe from the Weber cookbook, Weber’s Real Grilling that I bought several years ago. (The author of this cookbook has a great website with lots of tips and recipes) It was really good and would actually work well on other kinds of meat.

I can’t wait to try other cuts of meat in this. I am thinking a turkey would be really good.

Do any of you own a smoker?

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Disclosure: I received a free Weber Smoker for participating in the Girls Grill Too Campaign, but my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I own the Weber Smokey Mountain cooker and LOVE it. I have had it for years, and even had it shipped over when we moved here to Sarawak. This WSM is the easiest thing to use to make great barbecue. I have made a few videos on YouTube on how to use it:


    Jamie Purviance is a great guy and a talented chef/teacher. But the ultimate WSM enthusiasts site is the Virtual Weber Bullet at


  2. cathi carpenter says:

    We’ve owned a smoker for years and I have to say nothing, NOTHING tastes like stuff you smoke yourself….Turkey breast and brisket are my allllllllllll time favorites!

  3. Sometimes I wish I *did* have a smoker, but I haven’t bought one yet. I wonder if you can smoke cheese in it, as well as meat? Or roast veggies?

    • @Sandra, Did you say cheese? 🙂 I had not even thought of that one. I am going to have to look into that. I love cheese and smoked cheese is even better. You have me thinking now….

  4. I have always wanted a smoker, but now I really want one. And the people from Weber really know grilling. I have a Weber grill and three Weber grilling cookbooks, guess it’s time to buy a smoker 🙂

  5. I thought I’d add a Weber cookbook that I love! Weber’s Charcoal Grilling: The Art of Cooking with Live Fire. The cookbook is laid out and looks similar to the Real Grilling cookbook. All of the recipes are designed for charcoal grilling, however I’ve used them on our Traeger and on a gas grill. The recipes are wonderful, no matter what cooking method you use.

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