Kitchen Tip: A Watched Crockpot Does Not Cook

We have all heard the saying that a watched pot never boils, but did you know that they same thing can be said about a crockpot?

A watched crockpot does not cook the same.

Every time you open the lid of a Crockpot you add about fifteen minutes onto your cooking time. Yes, taking off the lid of your crockpot to check or stir the ingredients does slow down the cooking time.

Crockpots cook slowly. That is why they are called slow cookers and every time you lift the lid to check on your dinner you let heat escape. It takes time for the temperature to build back up after the lid is removed.

Think of it like opening an oven when a cake is baking. Every time you open that oven door you let the heat in the oven escape. The same thing applies to your crockpot.

So, be careful how many times you lift that crocpot lid while your dinner is cooking.

Do you agree with me on this one?

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  1. I need to print this out and show it to my husband. He is the biggest culprit. I will have to remind him the more he opens the lid, the longer it will take for dinner to be ready!

  2. Oh yes. Definitely. I find this is especially important when I’m cooking on high and the cooking time is shorter.

  3. This is such a timely post! Yesterday I was away from home at our normal dinner time so planned a crock-pot meal. As I was eating my lunch I read the same thing in a cookbook and was so surprised. It took all of my willpower to not open the lid & just walk out the door. It makes sense when you think about it, but I had never thought about it before!

  4. i so agree with you! it’s really hard not to do it though!

  5. This is so true and I’m guilty of it! My hubby is always telling me stop lifting the lid. lol!

  6. I tell my husband this ALL the time but he constantly does it…argh

  7. I haven’t found it to be true, but it’s an interesting concept.

  8. Tamara Price says:

    I am completely laughing at the other comments – and indeed it is a timely post. Yesterday I was making dinner in the crockpot and I was waiting impatiently for the last 20 minutes to be done. I set the dinner table and was all prepared for the crockpot to be done [mind you it was really hard to wait and not open the lid as I was practically pacing the kitchen] – I turned my back to get the milk out of the fridge and my hubsband walks right up to it and opens the lid to smell it. I was so irritated that he did that and told him it is like opening an oven – everytime you remove the lid you let the heat out. The event gave us a big laugh and he learned something. I am going to have to put a sticky note on the lid as the other commentor suggested.

  9. This totally boggles my mind. The physics just does not work out. The specific heat capacity of the food is so much higher than the hot air above it that it makes a miniscule difference at best. Unless the lid is left off for 5 minutes, the food inside is still cooking and the top layer may cool slightly but heat right back up within a minute.

  10. I disagree, the steam help cook your food and the longer u keep the lid the more your trapp the flavor and steam inside… just like cooking rice. If u open the lid to soon u let the steam out and your rice doesn’t taste the same…. goes for crock pot.

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