Easy Homemade Granola

granola [pictures]

Yesterday I posted a really easy nut free homemade granola on my allergy site. It is our new favorite homemade granola and is a recipe anyone would enjoy. And if you can have nuts or peanuts you could easily add them in. Do you make homemade granola? If not it is really easy and you should give it a try.

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Nut Free Granola

Anyone who is nut or gluten free knows the challenges of buying things like granola. There are hard to find and if you find them they are expensive. My solution is to make my own, however I have had trouble finding a recipe that I like. I recently posted on Facebook asking if anyone had a nut free version that they liked.  A friend of […]

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Lasagna Pizza

las pizza 7 [pictures]

Lasagna Pizza sounds a bit odd I know, but my kids loved this. This is definitely going to be on the menu plan again soon. It is really just a cross between lasagna and pizza. Basically the noodles are your crust and it works perfectly. It was so different from normal pizza and yet it was so good. [/print_recipe] This post linked to $5 Dinners.

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Grocery University

Several months ago I posted about how much I enjoyed the audio series Grocery University. It is full of information on how to save money on groceries. This course is over two hours and covers not only things like stockpiling and budgeting, but also where to find coupons, how store sales work, and lots of other money saving tips. If you are looking for ways to cut […]

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Menu Plan: September 19th-25th

CP roast 5

Last week I had five new recipes on the menu plan. I ended up making four of the five and we enjoyed all four. The problem is that I forgot to take pictures of two of them. What kind of food blogger am I forgetting to take pictures of my food? So, the Asian soup and the beef nacho bake are on the menu plan […]

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I Love Cookies


I love to bake. I find it relaxing and fun. I know I am strange like that. One of my favorite things to bake are cookies. If you have read my site for long you probably already know that. I love to bake them and I love to eat them. Cookies are one of the first things that I learned to bake and I still […]

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Gluten Free Cookie Ideas

emerils flourless pb cookies

I love to bake. I know I have said it before and I will probably say it again, I find baking relaxing. However, I do not always find gluten free baking relaxing. Recently though I realized that I have quite a few cookie recipes that are naturally gluten free. They do not need any adapting at all and those are sometimes the best gluten free recipes […]

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Kitchen Tip: A Watched Crockpot Does Not Cook

We have all heard the saying that a watched pot never boils, but did you know that they same thing can be said about a crockpot? A watched crockpot does not cook the same. Every time you open the lid of a Crockpot you add about fifteen minutes onto your cooking time. Yes, taking off the lid of your crockpot to check or stir the ingredients does […]

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Loaded Mashed Potatoes

loaded mashed potatoes

Can you tell that I have been on a potato kick lately. I think this is the third or fourth potato recipe that I have posted in the last couple of months. I guess you can tell I like potatoes a lot. Two of my favorite ways to eat potatoes are twice baked and mashed. This recipe today combines the best of both of those […]

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