Everyday Adventures 85 (Pork Chops, Crock Pot, Books, and More)

There is a little bit of everything for this week’s Everyday Adventures post. And that is the exact reason I love these posts. It is such a fun way to share a few things that I have been doing!
mexican pork chops

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I have been changing up the menu plan a lot. Mainly because I have been trying to use up some things that have been in the freezer and pantry too long. One day this week I made my Crock Pot Mexican Pork Chops in my casserole crock pot. We love these pork chops. They are so easy and so good!

If you don’t have a Casserole Crock Pot you should look into getting one. I LOVE mine.


I love Kettle Chips and bought these this week at Costco. I had high hopes for them, but they got mixed reviews from my family. They are good, but not great. If we are going to eat something unhealthy like a potato chip I think we would rather have the real thing not a sweet potato version.

Has anyone else tried these? I would love to hear what you thing.


Library books sales are the best! My daughters and I went to one last Saturday and all paperbacks were 50 cents and all hardbacks were $1. We found quite a few books to add to our to read pile.


Speaking of books has anyone read this book? Or any books by this author?

I have mentioned before that I don’t read a lot of fiction. I read mainly non fiction and this book is reminding me why. I picked this book up awhile ago and finally decided to start it this week. I had heard good things about this author and decided to give one of her books a try.

I am about 80 pages into it and although the overall writing and story are good, I can’t get passed the novel part of this. It is based on a true story, which is why I thought I would like it, but I think I would rather just read the real story and not a novel based on it.

So my question is do I give it up? Or should I give it a little longer before I decide. I would love to hear what you think.


Yesterday I posted a recipe for an overnight apple french toast casserole. It is so good. The day I made it and was trying to use up a few things I also made a second version of one. I will share that recipe soon. Some of my best recipes really do happen when I am forced to get creative!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Overnight Apple French Toast Casserole

Overnight Apple French Toast Casserole is a simple and delicious make ahead breakfast!

Overnight Apple French Toast

There is nothing quite like the forced creativity that comes from a pantry or fridge challenge. You know that kind of recipe you have to make to use up some of the things that been in your pantry or fridge for too long.

Sometimes this can be quite a challenge, but the fact is some of my best recipes are created when I am forced to use only the things I have on hand. No trips to the store. No buying anything new.

Overnight Apple French Toast Casserole

I am really trying to work on this. Using up what we have doesn’t come naturally to most of us in this current day and age. Food waste is a big problem and I am really trying to work on it.

This Overnight Apple French Toast Casserole is an example of changing up the menu to use what I had on hand.

When I was going through the freezer I found a couple loaves of gluten free bread that was not our favorite. I knew it was not going to get used up for sandwiches or toast. I needed to find another use for it.

Overnight Apple French Toast Casserole

I had a few apples that were not great. They were a bit mushy and just not the best apples, but I did not want to throw them out. I needed to use them up.

I had a gallon of milk that was about to expire. I also had several dozen eggs.

When I looked at all those ingredients I immediately thought of a breakfast casserole and decided that we would have breakfast for dinner.

I made up the casserole in the morning. I put it in the fridge and baked it at dinnertime. It worked great and we loved it!

I will definitely be making this again. I think it would make a great holiday breakfast.

Overnight Apple French Toast Casserole

Tools that make this recipe easier:

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Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Gluten Free Oatmeal Cream Pies

Gluten Free Oatmeal Cream Pies are a homemade gluten free version of a favorite treat!

Gluten Free Oatmeal Cream Pies

Do you miss those famous store bought oatmeal cream pies? I do!

Overall I am a chocolate person. I love chocolate. But there are a few desserts, like the famous oatmeal cream pies, that I have missed since going gluten free

Over the last few years I have been working on getting a homemade gluten free version just right. It has taken quite a few tries, but I finally developed a version that my family loves!

Gluten Free Oatmeal Cream Pie

I was determined to get this recipe right for a new ebook project I am working on. I was going to save it for the ebook, but after tasting them last weekend when I made them, I knew I had to share them with you now. I couldn’t wait to share the recipe.

Gluten Free Homemade Oatmeal Cream Pies

My gluten eating husband declared these better than the real thing. He loved them! I loved them too. I will admit though that they are not 100% the same.

Don’t get me wrong, they are delicious. I agree with my husband that they are really really good, but like many gluten free things the texture is not quite the same. Good. But not 100% the same. I just want to add that little disclaimer. :-)

But if you  loved the real ones please make these. Please. I think you will love them! They are really that good.

I did make them large for the pictures. I wanted them as close to the real thing as I could get. However, they are large. It is a lot of cookie to eat. Actually it is two really large cookies and some frosting that you end up eating. Good, but a lot. In the future I will make them a little smaller and more normal sized.

Now go make yourself some homemade gluten free oatmeal pies!

Gluten Free Oatmeal Cream Pies

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Caramel Apple Dump Cake

Caramel Apple Dump Cake is a delicious dessert that only contains a few ingredients. This dessert is one of the easiest desserts that you can make and it is so good!

Caramel Apple Dump Cake

My favorite recipes to share are quick and easy recipes that use only a few ingredients. The kind of recipes that make life in the kitchen easier. This Caramel Apple Dump Cake is that kind of recipe. It is so quick and easy to make and it is delicious!

Caramel Apple Dump Cake

For this recipe I took my basic apple dump cake and added caramel. That is it. But that simple ingredient took the basic dump cake to a whole new level. Apple Dump Cake is good. Add caramel and it is even better!

There are several ways that you can make this dump cake. I share the different versions below in the recipe. You can use a basic yellow cake mix. You can also make it without a cake mix by using a homemade topping.

You can even make it gluten free by using a gluten free cake mix or use the gluten free topping I shared on my gluten free dump cake without the mix. The link for that is below in the recipe.

No matter  how you make this I think you will love it!

For this recipe I used my favorite baking dish. I have had it several years and LOVE it! I even have it in several colors.
Caramel Apple Dump Cake

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Menu Plan (Enchilada Rice Casserole, Butternut Soup, Cheeseburger Pie, and More)

Weekly Menu Plan

Here is this week’s menu plan!


apple pie oatmeal

Apple Pie Oatmeal


Eggs and Sausage


Slow Cooker Butternut Squash and Bacon Soup

Slow Cooked Butternut Squash Soup

Potato Chip Chicken

Crispy Potato Chip Chicken

Easy Cheeseburger Pie_

Cheeseburger Pie

Crock Pot Beef Sandwiches

Crock Pot Beef Sandwiches

Beef Enchilada Rice Casserole-

Beef Enchilada Rice Casserole

Sheet Pan Fajitas

Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

Dessert Of The Week

Microwave Apple Crisp

Microwave Apple Crisp

For more menu planning ideas see Menu Planning Mondays.

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Gluten Free Menu Plan

Gluten Free Meal Plan

Here is this week’s menu plan.

I made notes next to the ingredients that need to be gluten free, but as always read labels to be sure the ingredients are safe for your family.


Blackberry Baked Oatmeal

Blackberry Baked Oatmeal

fluffy gluten free pancakes

Fluffy Gluten Free Pancakes

Gluten Free Dairy Free Banana Bread

Gluten Free Dairy Free Banana Bread



Slow Cooker Butternut Squash and Bacon Soup

Apple Bacon Cheese Frittata-

Apple Bacon Cheese Frittata 

Slow Cooked Barbecue Ranch Chicken Legs

Slow Cooked Chicken Legs

Chili Cheese Salad_

Chili Cheese Salad– I use Bush’s Chili beans because they are gluten free

BBQ meatballs

BBQ Meatballs– Use gf oats and gf bbq sauce

slow cooked baked potato soup

Slow Cooked Baked Potato Soup

Gluten Free Dessert of the Week

chocolate flourless peanut butter cookies

Double Chocolate Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

For more menu planning ideas see Menu Planning Mondays.

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Granola Bark

Granola Bark is a simple homemade treat perfect for snacks, lunchboxes, or dessert!

Granola Bark

Granola Bark is one of my family’s new favorite treats! We love this.

This idea is not original at all to me though. Over the last few years I have seen granola bark several times. A couple of them were recipes, but I also saw it for sale by a gourmet chocolate and candy company.

As soon as I saw granola bark I knew it was a homemade treat that I could easily make. I kept it in the back of my mind but didn’t actually make it until recently.

I can’t believe I waited so long to try it!

Granola Bark

If you have read my site for very long you have probably realized that my family loves homemade granola. I have been making it for years, but starting making it more regularly when my daughter developed her nut allergy. Most store bought granola contains nuts or is at least a high risk for contamination, so we avoid it and make our own.

I have all kinds of homemade granola recipes that I have shared that will work for this. You can find all my homemade granola recipes here. What motivated me to try this granola bark though was my crock pot granola.

Not everyone in my family loved the texture of the crock pot granola, so it was not getting used up. I knew if I combined it with chocolate it would get eaten in no time.

granola bark

This recipe is so easy! Really easy. I think it would make a great treat to give for a fun holiday food gift. It is quick and easy to make and is delicious. All the things that make a great food gift.

I used homemade granola because it is what I had, but you could easily use a store bought granola as well.

Tools that helped make the recipe easier.

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Granola Bark


Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Quick and Easy Gluten Free Breakfasts

Are you gluten free or do you know someone that is gluten free? Do you need help making gluten free breakfasts easier? This Gluten Free Breakfasts ebook is just what you need to make breakfast quick, easy, and gluten free!

Gluten Free Breakfast ebook

Breakfast is often one of the most challenging meals to make gluten free. So many of our favorite breakfast foods contain gluten and ingredients that gluten free people cannot have.

Gluten free meals can also be time consuming, difficult, and expensive, but it does not have to be.

I love showing people how gluten free can be quick, easy, and delicious. It can also be family friendly without ruining your grocery budget. That is why I am so exciting about my new ebook Quick and Easy Gluten Free Breakfasts.

This ebook is full of breakfast recipes that my family and I love. Both the gluten free and the non-gluten free eaters enjoy them. My husband and son don’t have to eat gluten free, but they love these recipes. They helped taste test and approve them.

These really are recipes that everyone in your family will enjoy!


Gluten Free Breakfasts

This ebook is full of quick and easy recipes. Gluten free pancakes, waffles, muffins, and more. This ebook will help make gluten free breakfasts easy at your house.

Many of the recipes in this ebook can be made ahead and reheated during the week or frozen for easy make ahead breakfasts. Make ahead are the best because they make breakfast even easier!

Does your family enjoy breakfast for dinner? These recipes will work perfect for a quick breakfast for dinner night.

These are recipes that my family loves and my hope is that you will love them as well. I want these recipes to help make breakfast easier at your house, and I hope they become recipes that you make over and over again.


Quick and Easy Gluten Free Breakfasts is available in both PDF and Kindle.


The PDF version contains a printable recipe section, which makes it easy to print off all the recipes in black and white with no images.


If you prefer Kindle though it is also available on Kindle as well.

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Slow Cooker Butternut Squash and Bacon Soup

Slow Cooker Butternut Squash and Bacon Soup contains only a few ingredients, but is full of flavor! This soup is perfect for fall and winter.


This simple slow cooked soup might be my new favorite soup, especially for fall! I love the flavor of the squash and bacon together.

slow cooker butternut squash and bacon soup

This soup is delicious served as a main dish. But I think it also makes a great side dish.

For this soup I used one of my new favorite Costco finds.


I know it is more expensive to buy it this way, but it makes it so much easier. This way I can just dump it in the crock pot and go. No cutting, peeling, or cubing required. All the work is done.

I know that many of you don’t have a Costco, but I think other places sell it like this as well. Frozen butternut squash would also work. Or feel free to peel, cut, and cube it yourself. You need about 2 lbs, so feel free to get it however you find easiest.

slow cooker butternut squash soup

This soup was also delicious leftover for lunch. It was a little thicker served the next day, but was still delicious! Both my husband and I enjoyed it leftover.

slow cooker butternut squash soup


Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Menu Plan

Weekly Menu Plan

It has been a busy couple of weeks at our house and it looks like it will be that way for another couple of weeks. I think it is time to simplify my menu plan a little.

A couple of years ago I did a weekly soup night and a weekly sandwich night and I plan to try that again. Having a couple of nights that are themed helps make menu planning a little easier.

Here is this week’s plan.


Frozen Breakfast Burritos

Homemade Frozen Breakfast Burritos

baked pumpkin oatmeal

Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal


Oven Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Oven Grilled Cheese Sandwiches


Crock Pot Carrot Soup

Bacon Salmon

Bacon Salmon

Crock Pot Mexican Pork Chops from LynnsKitchenAdventures.com

Crock Pot Mexican Pork Chops

eggs and soy sauce over rice

Eggs and Soy Sauce Over Rice

Hamburger Pizza

Hamburger Pizza

Dessert Of The Week

Apple Dump Cake-3 Ingredient Apple Dessert

Apple Dump Cake

For more menu planning ideas see Menu Planning Mondays.

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures