Pizza Soup Recipe {aka Crustless Pizza In A Bowl}

Pizza Soup__

This pizza soup is a hearty and delicious, meat filled soup, that your family will love!

My family has always loved pizza soup. I have a recipe that I shared a few years ago, but I changed it up a little a few weeks ago and I think my family loved the new version even more.

After my son took a few bites of this soup he said, “Mom this is like crustless pizza in a bowl.”

That is quite the compliment from him because he would eat pizza every night of the week if I let him. If he thought it really did taste like crustless pizza in a bowl, I knew I had a winner.

Most pizza soups have pasta in them. The version I shared a few years ago contained macaroni noodles. The version today doesn’t contain any  pasta, although you could easily add it.

I have been trying to cut back on the amount of grains I eat. I am not going Paleo, or eating Whole 30, or anything like that. I am not even really going low carb. I am simply watching how many grains I eat.

I have realized over the last few months that I feel better if I don’t eat a lot of rice, pasta, and bread. I can eat a small amount and feel fine, but large amounts really bother me. I don’t see myself going totally paleo or anything like that, especially with all my daughter’s nut allergies, but I am watching what I eat a little more carefully.

Pizza Soup_

I will probably write a post on it sometime soon, but basically right now I am kind of in the if I am going to limit my grains, than my grains are going to come in a form of something I love, like cookies or desserts. If I limit the amount of grains I eat at meals, it allows me to still eat an occasional dessert or baked good and feel fine.

So, with many of our meals I am trying to find things that don’t contain as much rice or pasta. Or that I can easily just eat without the rice or pasta while my family enjoys it with pasta or rice. For now this is working great for everyone.

This version of pizza soup came about because of I am limiting my grains. I simply left out the pasta and increased the meat. It worked great and everyone was happy. And I think the fact that it did not have the pasta in it, is what made  my son think it tasted much more like pizza.

I think this is a soup everyone will love.

And if you need this to be gluten free just be sure your meat and your broth is gluten free and you will have an easy gluten free dinner.

Pizza Soup-


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Fajita Omelet {Easy Gluten Free Dinner Recipe}


Omelets are a great gluten free breakfast or breakfast for dinner. They are quick and easy to make and they contain basic everyday ingredients.

One of my goals with this gluten free dinner recipes series is to share regular food that is gluten free. Omelets fit into that category. Basic omelet ingredients are naturally gluten free.

As long as you read the labels for any add ins that you might add to your omelet you are fine. You will have easy everyday food that just happens to be gluten free.

And omelets are gluten free food that everyone will enjoy. You can serve them to anyone and they will not think about the fact that they are gluten free.


I love this Fajita Omelet from Good Cheap Eats. It has the flavor of fajitas, but in an omelet form. Delicious! The best thing is that you do not have to do anything to this to make it gluten free. All the ingredients in this fajita omelet are gluten free.


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Gluten Free Wednesdays {January 28th}


It is time for another Gluten Free Wednesday, which I co-host with The Gluten Free Homemaker and Cassidy’s Craveable Creations.

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Here are a few recipes from last week that are now on my to make list.


Paleo  dessert recipes don’t usually work for us because my daughter has a nut allergy and many contain nuts or nut flours. So, these Nut Free Paleo Brownies caught my attention. They look really good!

jalapeno grilled cheese

We love grilled cheese sandwiches on gluten free bread. And my husband loves just about any spicy food. I need to try these Jalapeno Grilled Cheese. He would love them.

I can’t wait to see what you all link up this week.

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Cheesy Crock Pot Potatoes

Cheesy Crock Pot Potatoes

These cheesy crock pot potatoes are one of those recipes that I haven’t shared before because they are just too easy. This is not really even a recipe, but since I have made them many times in the last few months, I decided that I needed to share it with you all.

Side dishes are one of those things where I tend to make the same things over and over again. Yes, I will admit that side dishes get kind of boring at our house. These cheesy crock pot potatoes are one of those side dishes though that my family never gets tired of. They love them.

I love how easy they are, but I also love how they go with just about everything. You can serve these with hamburgers, steak, pork chops, roast, chicken, sausages, and so many other things. These potatoes are so simple they really do go with just about any main dish type meat.

Crock pot baked potatoes are simple to make and I make them often, but these potatoes may become my new favorite. These are the same general idea as crock pot baked potatoes, but because you cut them into chunks, they don’t take as long to cook. Plus, they have cheese on them and cheese always makes potatoes better.

If you are looking for a simple side dish, give these a try.

Cheesy Crock Pot Potatoes-



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How Often Should You Replace Your Running Shoes? {Ask the Readers}

Ask The Readers

Today I decided to do a totally non-food Ask the Readers question. I hope you all don’t mind. Running and running shoes have been on my mind, and you all are always so helpful when it comes to Ask the Readers questions that I though we would talk about running shoes today.

I asked on my Facebook page about running shoes and got a couple of answers, but since very few people are seeing my Facebook updates with all the changes in Facebook, I decided to post here about it to see what you all thought too.

I only started running a couple of years ago, so I am kind of new to it. I run a few times a week, but I don’t really consider myself an avid runner. I did run 300 miles in 2014, so maybe I am more of a runner than I think I am. :-)

When it comes to shoes though I know very little, except that I want something comfortable to run in. But I know good running shoes do make a difference. One of the first things my husband and I did when we started running was to invest in some new shoes.

Since then I have gone through quite a few pairs of shoes and that is what leads me to my question.

How often should you replace your running shoes?

I seem to go through them about every 6-9 months. It depends on the shoes, and how much I have been running, but in general around 6 months I start noticing that they are not as comfortable. By 8 months or so, my feet and knee start bothering me when I run. That is when I know it is time for new shoes.

The frugal part of me hates spending money on new shoes that often. Especially when they usually look pretty good on the outside and only the inside is really worn. But then I have to realize that I ran over 300 miles last year, which is quite a few miles to put on a pair of shoes.

IMG_3411 (1)

Last week when my knee started bothering me, I realized that the shoes I wore most of last year, were worn out. I needed new ones.

I am a Nike person when it comes to shoes. I have been for years. They just fit my feet and arch. I can try on shoe after shoe after shoe and I always end up with Nike shoes. I can’t remember the last time I had a pair of tennis shoes that were not Nike. ( And Nike has no clue who I am. I just love their shoes.)

I ended up buying the shoes pictured above. I thought I would love them because they were pretty lightweight and comfortable. After running in them though, I don’t think they are going to work. They are comfortable for just wearing, and I will turn them into everyday type shoes, but they won’t work for running. I have not totally given up on them, but after running 3 miles in them last week, they really bothered my feet.

running shoes

I did end up loving these Nike Reax though and am glad I bought them too. Yes, I left the shoe store with two pairs of shoes because I was not sure which ones would work best. My last few pairs of running shoes have been Nike Reax, and I loved them. I was hoping though to find a lighter shoe. However, the lighter shoe just did not work, so I think I am just sticking with what works and staying with the Reax.

I am also learning that when it comes to running shoes I seem to do better in the men’s section. That is what happens when you have big feet. But that is a whole other issue…

I did a little research online and it seems like a lot of people say that you should replace running shoes every 300-500 miles or every 6-9 months. I guess maybe I am average when it comes to going through running shoes. Although it still seems like a lot.

Now I am curious what all of you think. I know I have quite a few readers who are into sports and/or running.

How often do you replace your shoes? And what brand do you love? 

(And for those of you that could care less about running and running shoes, thanks for putting up with a long rambling running post. :-) )



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Menu Plan {January 25th-31st}

Weekly Menu Plan

Last week I ended up working on some new recipes, so the menu plan did not go as planned several days.

My 14 year old daughter has also been requesting chinese food. Chinese food is a strange request because normally my kids don’t like much chinese food. They will eat an occasional stir fry without complaining, but it is not usually high on their list of meal choices. Since she has been requesting it for several week,s I changed up the plan one night last week and made a new chicken stir fry type dinner. It was great, but I did not get any pictures taken, so I need to retake them soon and share the recipe.

Here is this week’s menu plan.


Triple Berry Baked Oatmeal-

Triple Berry Baked Oatmeal

Crispy Homemade Granola

Crispy Homemade Granola 


Homemade Breakfast Bowls


Crock Pot White Chili with Sausage__

Crock Pot White Chili with Sausage

Homemade Panera Bread Potato Soup

Homemade Panera Potato Soup

orange barbecue pork

Crock Pot BBQ Pork 

Oven Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Oven Grilled Cheese 

cowboy spaghetti

Cowboy Spaghetti 

Easy 5 Ingredient Burritos_

Easy 5 Ingredient Burritos 

Dessert Of The Week

Homemade Vanilla Pudding

Homemade Vanilla Pudding

For more menu planning ideas see Menu Planning Mondays.

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Gluten Free Menu Plan {January 25th-31st}

Gluten Free Meal Plan

I am keeping this week’s gluten free meal plan pretty simple.

I made notes next to the ingredients that need to be gluten free, but as always read labels to be sure the ingredients are safe for your family.


Gluten Free Cheeseburger Pie-

Gluten Free Cheeseburger Pie

Beef Enchilada Rice Casserole-

Gluten Free Beef Enchilada Casserole

Gluten Free White Chili with Sausage and Spinach_

Gluten Free White Chili with Sausage and Spinach

Homemade Gluten Free Frozen Pizza

Homemade Gluten Free Frozen Pizza 

Crock Pot Lemon Chicken

Crock Pot Lemon Chicken 

beef and beans casserole

Beef and Beans Casserole 

Gluten Free Dessert of the Week

Homemade Double Chocolate Pudding from

Homemade Chocolate Pudding

For more menu planning ideas see Menu Planning Mondays.

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Everyday Adventures {Week 25}

I did not take a lot of non food pictures this week, but I still wanted to share a new everyday adventures post. This series has helped me branch out and take photos of more things than food, but this week I kind of failed at that. When I looked through my camera and iphone pictures the only picture I had non food related was this one of my kids kayaking on the pond.


Since this is a great picture, and captures our Sunday evening so well, it might make up for not taking more non food photos.

Our kids got kayaks for Christmas. We have a large pond, and part of our property is on the river, so kayaks have been on the wishlist for awhile. Because of some great sales, this Christmas was the year to get them.

Sunday the temperatures were in the 60′s here in Oklahoma and the first thing the kids wanted to do when we got home Sunday evening was go kayaking on the pond. They had a lot of fun and it made for a great picture as the sun was setting.

apple cider

I have been in kind of a blah, worn out, don’t want to do anything mood. But doing nothing is not an option. So I have been trying to sit back for at least a few minutes each day to read a book and drink a cup of hot chocolate or homemade caramel apple cider. ( Which is basically warm apple juice, caramel sauce, and a few other things.) Spending a few minutes each day just sitting down to take a deep breath and relax is really helping me refresh and get back at it. I think sometimes we go go go so much that we don’t realize that we sometimes just need a few minutes to take a deep breathe and relax.


I love roasted vegetables and this week I used bacon grease on roasted broccoli instead of oil and it was delicious! Bacon really does make everything better.


This is a picture I shared last Friday on Instagram. And this is what I posted about it.

It has taken 20 years, but I think this Oregon raised girl has finally convinced my family how wonderful shrimp pizza is!

This was one of the best pizzas I have made. It was like a gourmet type pizza that you might find near the beach. It reminded me so much of the shrimp pizzas I had growing up. Don’t worry I will be sharing this recipe in a couple weeks. And if you are thinking shrimp on pizza?! Yes, shrimp on pizza is so good!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Triple Berry Baked Oatmeal

Triple Berry Baked Oatmeal-

It is no secret that my family loves baked oatmeal. This will be the sixteenth baked oatmeal recipe that I have shared. Yes, I have sixteen different versions of baked oatmeal.

My family might just have a baked oatmeal problem. But I guess that is a good problem to have.

I started making this triple berry version of my baked oatmeal last fall and my family loved it. It has become one of our favorite baked oatmeal recipes. I have debated about sharing it though since I already have so many baked oatmeal recipes on  my site.

However, since I have been making this so much, I knew I needed to share it with all of you. It is so good and I know many of you love baked oatmeal as much as my family does.

My favorite way to make this is to make two pans up Saturday night and refrigerate it overnight. I then bake it Sunday morning. Two pans gives us plenty for Sunday morning breakfast as well as enough to reheat at least one or two days during the week. This makes breakfast quick and easy.

For the berries in this I use a triple berry blend that I buy frozen at Sam’s Club. Most stores have a triple berry blend though. And if you don’t have the triple berry blend, or can’t find one, just use a mix of several kinds of berries and it will work just fine too.

Triple Berry Baked Oatmeal

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Gluten Free Beef Enchilada Casserole

Beef Enchilada Rice Casserole_

Last year I shared an easy beef enchilada casserole on my main site. It has become one of my family’s favorite dinners. I did not post the exact directions for making it gluten free, but since it is easy to make gluten free, I knew I wanted to share it for my gluten free dinners series.

This recipe is one of those everyday regular food type recipes that is so easy to make gluten free. Gluten free can be overwhelming, especially at first, but recipes like this make it easy if you just read labels.

All you need to do for this is to use gluten free enchilada sauce or homemade enchilada sauce.

Now, that may sound hard, but it isn’t.

Most enchilada sauces are gluten free, but not all. So be sure to read the label to make sure the one you are using does not contain wheat or gluten. And if you would prefer homemade enchilada sauce it is really easy to make. It is one of my favorite items to make homemade so don’t be afraid to give it a try instead of buying it from a can.



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