Easy Enchilada Dip ~ 5 Ingredients or Less Recipe


Over the last few weeks I have mentioned sharing more ground beef recipes, along with other inexpensive budget friendly meals. When I was putting together a list of recipes to share, I realized that many of the recipes on the list contained five ingredients or less.

This actually surprised me because I did not realize so much of what I cooked contained five ingredients or less. Really it should not surprise me though because simple food is usually inexpensive food. The fewer the ingredients the less things you have to buy.

As I was thinking over the whole budget friendly recipes and five ingredients or less, I decided that simple 5 ingredient or less recipes, would make a great new series.

This series probably won’t be a weekly series, more like a few recipes a month, but if I find enough of my recipes that are 5 ingredients or less, I might start sharing them weekly. We will see how it goes. I hope it is a series that you will enjoy.

Enchilada Dip

Now, my goal with this is also to keep them pretty simple, kid and family friendly, and gluten free. Gluten free won’t be the focus of them, so don’t worry if you are not gluten free. These won’t scream gluten free cooking, but they will all be able to be made gluten free easily, using gluten free pasta, reading labels, etc.

Now for the first recipe. We are starting things out today with an easy enchilada dip.

I decided to start with a fun chip and dip type recipe because it is football season. And football season is perfect for an easy 5 ingredient snack recipe.

The reality is that I am not a football fan, living in a family full of football fans. I like to focus on the food, not the football.

This actually works out well. I would much rather spend my time in the kitchen than watching football. And my football loving family loves to eat what I fix while they are watching football. It is a win for both of us.

Sometimes I cook a big pot of chili or nachos for Saturday football watching, but other times it is fun to serve more snacky type food. Today’s recipe is perfect for those days when we want more of the chips and dip snack type food.

And if you are not a football watching family, this is perfect for anytime you need an appetizer or chips and dip type recipe. It is easy, delicious, and contains only five ingredients.

Enchilada Dip_



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October From the Archives

After almost six years of blogging I have a site full of recipes that get buried in the archives and are often forgotten about. I used to do monthly from the archives posts.

You all loved those posts because they highlighted in season recipes from the past that you might have missed or forgotten about. I have gotten away from doing this over the last year, but I thought it would be fun to do one again today.

Here are a few of my favorite recipes from October over the last few years.

Magic Pumpkin Bars from LynnsKitchenAdventures.com

Magic Pumpkin Bars

BBQ Baked Spaghetti

BBQ Baked Spaghetti

Crock Pot Tomato Soup from LynnsKitchenAdventures.com

Crock Pot Tomato Soup

Coconut No Bake Cookie Bars from Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Coconut No Bake Cookie Bar

Three Bean Slow Cooked Chili

Slow Cooked Three Bean Chili

Pumpkin Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies -_

Pumpkin Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

Oven Fried Potatoes from LynnsKitchenAdventures.com

Oven Fried Potatoes

Oven Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Oven Grilled Cheese

Sweet Potato Soup

Creamy Sweet Potato Soup

Crock Pot Carrot Soup

Crock Pot Carrot Soup

And I can’t do an October from the archives without mentioning that five years ago this week I went gluten free. In 2010 I wrote a post about being gluten free for one year. That was four years ago and I still feel pretty much the same. Eating gluten free has changed my life and health. Gluten free is not for everyone and it is not always easy, but for me it has been so worth it. For those that are interested here is my gluten free story that I shared several years ago. I need to update that post, but it has my basic story.

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Gluten Free Wednesdays (October 22nd)

It is time for another Gluten Free Wednesday, which I co-host with The Gluten Free Homemaker and Gluten Free Easily.

I don’t have a link up for you this week, but please head over to The Gluten Free Homemaker and Gluten Free Easily to link up and for all kinds of great gluten free recipes.

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Chili Cheese Nachos

Chili Nachos

Chili cheese nachos are a quick, easy, and delicious dinner that your family is sure to love!

Chili is one of the easiest meals to cook once, eat twice. Or really even eat three or four times. You really can use chili in so many different ways. You can serve it as chili, but also as frito pie, chili dogs, chili bowls, on top of baked potatoes, and in so many other ways.

Today I am sharing another one of my family’s favorite ways to use leftover or freezer chili. And that is chili cheese nachos.

Chili Nachos-

Don’t those nachos look good?

Nachos are usually a quick and easy meal or appetizer, but since these use leftover chili, they are even easier. These chili cheese nachos have basically three ingredients. Chips, shredded cheese, and chili.

Yes, chili has more than three ingredients, but if you are counting chili as one ingredient, these only call for three ingredients total. You cannot get much easier than that.

These are perfect for a quick and easy lunch or dinner. They also work great for a game day snack or meal. Really who wouldn’t love snacking on these chili cheese nachos!

The ingredients for these are pretty basic and you can really vary the amounts depending on what you have on hand. A little more or less chili and these will still be fine.

A little extra or a little less cheese and they will still be delicious. Of course I would always error on the side of too much cheese because cheese makes everything better.

And if you like nachos a little spicier, add some jalapenos to them. You really can’t go wrong with these.




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What Is Your Favorite Cookbook {Cooking Through My Collection}

The Best Cookbook Reviews, from LynnsKitchenAdventures.com

Last week was really busy for me. We had multiple appointments during week and we were in Oklahoma City over the weekend for my daughter to take a course at OU. It made for a crazy week and I did not spent a lot of time in the kitchen. We relied mainly on quick and easy meals and things from the freezer.

So, I  don’t have a new recipe for you today for my Cooking Through My Collection series. But I thought it would be a good time to ask you about your favorite cookbook or cookbooks.

What cookbook or cookbooks do you love? If you had to only keep one or two cookbooks from your collection what would they be? I can’t wait to hear your favorites. Because we all know I need more cookbooks in my collection……. :-)

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Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Banana Cookies

Gluten Free Banana Cookies_

These gluten free banana cookies are soft, delicious, and gluten free!

We love bananas at our house and go through quite a few each week. But no matter how closely I try to guess how many bananas we will go through there always seems to be the one or two that turn brown before anyone eats them. If only bananas would stay green just a little longer.

Extra bananas work great for gluten free banana bread, gluten free banana muffins, and even gluten free banana oatmeal cookies, but a few weeks ago I wanted to try something new with the bananas that I needed to use up.

So I went searching for a recipe that I could easily adapt to gluten free. I found an old Martha Stewart recipe for banana cookies. It looked like a pretty basic cookie recipe, so I thought it would adapt easily to gluten free.

Gluten Free Banana Cookies

And it did adapt well. We loved the gluten free version of these banana cookies. I decided to use rice flour, sweet rice flour, and cornstarch for these cookies and they worked great. I know a lot of people have never used sweet rice flour, but I highly recommend it for many gluten free desserts. It really helps the taste and texture in many baked goods.

Because of the banana in these cookies they are a softer cake like cookie, but we enjoyed them that way. These are cookies that you cannot tell are gluten free. They are delicious!

My family can’t have nuts, but if you can, I would add some chopped nuts like walnuts to these cookies. They would be a chocolate chip banana walnut cookie and they would be so wonderful that way.

Don’t those cookies look good!

Gluten Free Banana Cookies-



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Menu Plan {October 19th-25th}

Weekly Meal Plan

Last week on Menu Planning Mondays Laura asked her readers to give one piece of menu planning advice. You all know I love menu planning, so I thought it was a great question. If you need some menu planning help or ideas be sure to read thought the comments on that post. There are some great tips and ideas.

This was the the piece of advice I gave.

My menu planning tips would be make it work for you. There is no right or wrong way to plan, make it work for you and your family and what is going on in your life at that time.

I have been talking menu plans here on my site almost since the beginning of my site. That would be over five years of menu plans and menu planning thoughts. And my menu planning advice is still basically the same as it was back then.

Make your plan work for you!

It is great to get menu planning thoughts and ideas for others. I am glad you all enjoy my menu plans each week. I hope they inspire you to make a menu plan and to try new recipes each week. But my exact plan probably is not going to work for you.

What is on sale at my grocery stores may not be on sale at your stores. What is going on in my life is probably not what is going on in your life. I may have a busy week, but you may have a slower week when you can spend more time in the kitchen.

So my number one tip for menu planning really is to make it work for you and your family. Be inspired by looking at my plan and others plans, but adjust it and adapt it to your needs. There really is no right or wrong way to menu plan. Just make a plan that fits your needs.

And what is working for me right now with our schedule is to have a weekly soup night and a weekly sandwich night. It helps keep the plan easy, and yet gives us variety in what kind of soup and sandwiches we have each week.

Now for this week’s menu plan. I am working on some new breakfast recipes, so I only posted two on the plan. I hope to have some new recipes to share soon. That is if they work and we like them.



Overnight Bisquick Pancakes 

Apple Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies-

Apple Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies 


Double Meat and Cheese Olive Sandwich--

Double Meat and Cheese Olive Sandwich

Ground Beef Stroganoff

Ground Beef Stroganoff

Pizza Soup

Pizza Soup

Cheeseburger Sloppy Joes

Cheeseburger Sloppy Joes

beef and beans casserole

Easy Beef and Beans

Homemade Pizza Sauce-

Pizza Night- Here are a few of my favorite homemade pizza crust recipes 

Dessert of the Week

Double Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins

Double Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins

For more menu planning ideas see Menu Planning Mondays.

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Gluten Free Menu Plan {October 19th-25th}


I am hoping to stock the freezer this week with breakfast foods. I usually do this about once a month and since the freezer is running low on breakfast foods, it means it is time to do it again. I put two easy freezer breakfasts on the plan, plus I am working on some other new breakfast recipes. So, look for those coming soon.

What is your favorite gluten free breakfast? 

I made notes next to the ingredients that need to be gluten free, but as always read labels to be sure the ingredients are safe for your family.


Incredibly-Easy Breakfast Sausage Muffins

Incredibly Easy Breakfast Sausage Muffins- Use the gf baking mix option

Maple Sausage Pancake Muffins from LynnsKitchenAdventures.com

Maple Sausage Pancake Muffins- Use the gluten free option


Gluten Free Biscuits and Gluten Free Gravy

easy pasta sacue

Easy Pasta Sauce over gluten free pasta

ground beef fried rice

Ground Beef Fried Rice - Use gf soy sauce

oven risotto with tomatoes and sausage

Oven Risotto with Sausage and Tomatoes- Use gluten free sausage and gluten free or homemade chicken broth

slow cooked bean with bacon soup

Slow Cooked Bean with Bacon Soup- Use gluten free bacon and gluten free chicken broth

orange pork

Slow Cooked Orange Pork Roast 

Crock Pot Beef Sandwiches

Crock Pot Beef Sandwiches ( I will use gluten free soy sauce and will serve these on gluten free bread, but you can also serve these without bread as just the meat.)

Gluten Free Dessert of the Week

Pumpkin Butterscotch Cupcakes- Use a gluten free cake mix and be sure the brand of pudding you use if gluten free

For more menu planning ideas see Menu Planning Mondays.

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Easy Entertaining and A Simple Mexican Meal

staff lunch

Entertaining does not have to be expensive or complicated. It can be easy to do and not break the budget.

Every couple of months I make lunch for a staff meeting at my husband’s office. Some of you may be thinking that you would never want to do that. So let me just say I enjoy it. And since we own the business it is a small way I can help out. It is much cheaper for me to cook the meal than to order food in or go out to eat. Plus we live in a small town with not many restaurant choices. Cooking lunch is usually the best and easiest option.

I like coming up with different meals to serve. Most of the time I keep it very simple though. In the past I have taken taco soup, chili, lasagna, taco salad, and other meals like that.

A few weeks ago I decided to put together everything needed for a burrito bowl type lunch. I love serving burrito and taco type bowls when entertaining. They are so easy to make. Most of the meal can be made ahead or in the crock pot. And everyone can just put it together how they each like it.

When I put together this staff lunch I served spicy shredded pork, cilantro lime rice, and slow cooked pinto beans. This meal was for about 8-10 people, but for a large group I probably would have also served some taco meat with it for more variety.

To the main part of the meal I added cheese, sour cream, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, chips, and tortillas. I also served some fresh pineapple for those who wanted a little fruit with their meal.

staff lunch 2

What I love about serving a meal like this is that it is easy to serve a lot of people who might have different food preferences.

With this combination you could have the rice, beans, and meat piled on top of each other with whatever additional toppings were desired. You could also skip the rice and turn it into a taco or Mexican salad of sorts, by using the lettuce as the base and piling everything on top of that. Add some chips and salsa to that and you have a great lunch.

If someone did not like those options they could easily turn it into a burrito. If someone else is dairy free they can just skip the cheese and sour cream. If someone was eating low carb or gluten free, they could easily just choose the foods that worked for them.

You get the idea. This really is a very simple and versatile meal to use when entertaining or serving a group of people. In fact, it is one of my favorite meals to serve when entertaining.

And in case you are wondering the pan in the upper right corner was dessert. It was also quick and easy to make and I will share it soon.

Since I am always trying to come up new things to serve I would love to hear your thoughts.

If I could bring you lunch what would you choose? Or if you were serving a meal like this for a staff meeting what would you make? I would also love to hear your favorite meal to serve for easy entertaining. 


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Slow Cooked Pinto Beans

Best Pot of Beans

A few weeks ago when I shared my tip for the best pot of beans, I mentioned that I would be sharing the recipe for the beans in that picture soon. Today I am finally sharing it with you.

Besides my secret ingredient for the best beans, there are a few other ingredients that make these pinto beans easy and delicious, so I knew I needed to share the recipe with you all. I am sorry it took so long.

These beans are great served on their own, with cornbread, or with just about any Mexican food.

Slow Cooked Pinto Beans-

What I love about this pot of beans is how easy they are to make and how easy they are to use in so many ways.

This is one of those recipes that you can easily double to use for several meals over the course of the week. Serve this one night with cornbread and salad for an easy dinner. Serve it the next night with quesadillas and Mexican rice. And if there are any left you can serve them a third night as a burrito filling. Tomorrow I am going to show you yet another way I served them recently. These really are delicious and versatile.

These beans also freeze great. I love freezing beans like this in small containers to pull out on busy nights when I need a quick dinner or side dish.

Slow Cooked Pinto Beans-


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