Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Dairy-Free Pumpkin Pie

Are you dairy free or know someone that is dairy free? This dairy free pumpkin pie recipe is perfect for the dairy free person on Thanksgiving!

This pie is rich and creamy and just the way pumpkin pie should be. Minus the dairy.

Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie

Yesterday I shared a recipe for homemade dairy free sweetened condensed milk. I am so excited about that recipe. There are so many desserts I have planned with it.

Since it is Thanksgiving time my favorite pumpkin pie was on the list of desserts I wanted to try. My favorite pumpkin pie is the classic pumpkin pie made with sweetened condensed milk. I love that pie because it is so rich and creamy and easy to make. It turns out great every time I make it.

Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie__

I was not sure the dairy free sweetened condensed milk would work in the recipe though. I did not know if it would set up and if it would taste anywhere near the same, but I was willing to give it a try.

When I took the pie out of the oven I was amazed at how well it set up. It looked just like a normal pumpkin pie. And as far as the taste goes, it was delicious! Really it was not that much different than the original recipe that I loved. I think the original one might be slightly sweeter, but that is it. This one was just about perfect.

If you need a dairy free pie for the holidays. This one is great. It will be my go to recipe for pumpkin pie for my daughter.

Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie_

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Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free 1 to 1 Flour

Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Flour Blend Note: This post is sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

If you have read my site for long you probably know that I have mixed feelings on gluten free flour blends. I love the idea and convenience of them. I love the thought of having just one flour to replace regular all purpose flour in baking. A one product fits all baking needs really does sound wonderful, but it is not as easy as it sounds. It is actually a difficult task.

In the five years that I have been gluten free I have tried many gluten free blends. Both homemade ones and premade ones. Some were good. Others were terrible. Most though worked well in some things, but not so great in other things. For most blends, I have found what may work well in a pancake won’t work so well in a cookie. And what works in a gluten free bread may not work so well in a cake or muffin. It really is hard to find a one size fits all product when it comes to gluten free baking. Blends work okay in most things, but not all things.

This is why most of my recipes call for individual gluten free flours and not a blend.

When it comes to individual gluten free flours Bob’s Red Mill is by far my favorite. Almost all the gluten free flours, oats, cornmeal, xathan gum, and more that I use are Bob’s Red Mill brand. I have toured their facility and I love what they do for the gluten free lifestyle. So, when I found out a few months ago that Bob’s Red Mill had a brand new gluten free blend available I was thrilled. Bob’s Red Mill has actually had a gluten free flour blend for years, but this is a totally new gluten free flour blend.

Many people love the old blend. If you are one of them, don’t worry, they still sell it. But I was not one of those that loved the old flour blend.

The old gluten free flour blend has bean flour in it and it is the one gluten free product of Bob’s Red Mill that my family did not enjoy. The good news about this new blend is that there are no beans!!! So if the old blend was not a favorite of yours, I think you will love this new blend.

You may be wondering why I am talking about loving this blend when I mentioned above that I am usually not a big fan of blends. Well this new blend of Bob’s Red Mill is different. Totally different in my opinion.

Back in 2011 when my sister and I toured Bob’s Red Mill we were told that they were working on a new gluten free blend, but they did not know when it would be available. My sister and I were so glad they were working on a new blend. But then I kind of forgot about it because that was three years ago and I had not heard anything else about it.

That is until recently.

Bob's Red Mill 1 to 1 Pancakes-

When I saw the new blend a few months ago I realized this was the blend they had mentioned to me three years ago.

That right there is one of the main reasons why I love this new blend. They took the time to perfect this blend. Three plus years. They did not quickly put a product together just to get in one the shelves. It had nothing to do with hurrying up to get in on a gluten free trend. Bob’s Red Mill took time to get this blend right. And it shows.

The other thing I love about this new blend is the ingredients.

Sweet White Rice Flour, Whole Grain Brown Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Whole Grain Sweet White Sorghum Flour, Tapioca Flour, Xanthan Gum 

If you have tried many of my gluten free recipes than you know I love sweet rice flour. It gives baked goods like cookies and cakes that best texture. It helps make them tender and light. Bob’s Red Mill is the first blend I have seen that includes sweet rice flour in it. And not only is it in the blend, it is listed as the first ingredient. This is one of the things I think that makes this blend work so much better than the others that I have tried. And since it is Bob’s Red Mill, they also include things like brown rice flour and sorghum flour in the blend.

Bob’s Red Mill sent me some of this gluten free blend to experiment with and I have loved it so far.

Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Flour Blend__

Gluten free chocolate chip cookies turned out delicious! I used the blend in place of the gluten free flours and gum in my recipe and it worked great. Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Flour Blend

Even my gluten eating son loved these. I lost count how many he ate the day I made them. When a gluten eating person loves a gluten free recipe, you know it is good.

Bob's Red Mill 1 to 1 Pancakes

My gluten free pancakes were delicious and easy to make with the blend. They turned out great for Saturday morning pancakes.

Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Flour Blend _

Wacky cake, gluten free waffles, and my mom’s coconut bars all turned out great with this blend.

I also used the blend in gluten free rolls. They turned out pretty well, but I do think bread products might need a little extra xathan gum added to the recipe. But that is easy to do when using it for things like bread and pizza dough.

Now after reading all that you may be wondering if I will be throwing out all my gluten free flours and just using this blend. The answer to that is no. I do love this blend, and it will be a staple in my kitchen, but I plan to use the individual gluten free flours as well. I am not sure I will ever be a 100% gluten free blend cook.

This will be my go to gluten free blend though when I need quick and easy. It will also work great for when my kids are cooking. And I think it will be a great product for those new to gluten free or don’t like to experiment with individual gluten free flours. This is by far the best gluten free blend that I have tried.

The new Bob’s Red Mill gluten free 1 to 1 flour is available is some stores already, but it should be available most places that sell Bob’s Red Mill gluten free products soon. If it is not in your area now, it should be soon. It will be great for all your holiday baking!

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Dairy Free Sweetened Condensed Milk

Dairy-Free Sweetened Condensed Milk

Dairy free sweetened condensed is perfect for making your favorite holiday treats dairy free!

We don’t talk dairy free much here. I mentioned earlier this year that my daughter and I were giving dairy free a try. I went back on dairy. I have a lot of food issues, but dairy is not one of them. My daughter on the other hand has stayed 80-90% dairy free over the last year.

I know the 80-90% is odd, but it is reality. She is not 100% dairy free, but she is mainly dairy free. Butter does not bother her, so I use that in baking still. Buttermilk in pancakes or waffles doesn’t seem to bother her. She will occasionally eat cheese or ice cream, but not very often.

Basically she avoids dairy as much as she can, but she is not super strict. This works for us because she is 14 years old. She is not allergic to it, just sensitive to it. She knows how she feels. She knows the consequences of eating dairy. So I pretty much leave it up to her to decide what she wants to eat.

When it comes to cooking I try to use very little dairy in things. A lot of soups, chili, meats, etc. are dairy free naturally. If I make a casserole or pizza I leave cheese off a section of it or set aside some in a different dish for her. Other times I make something special for her and other times she fixes herself something.

Dairy Free Sweetened Condensed Milk-

For the holidays though I knew that I wanted to come up with some dairy free desserts for her. It is the holidays and she wants to eat what everyone else is eating.

High on my list to recreate was sweetened condensed milk. Sweetened condensed milk is in so many holiday recipes, including our favorite pumpkin pie.

So I set out to recreate sweetened condensed milk in a dairy free form.

Dairy Free Sweetened Condensed Milk

I started with coconut milk. Full fat, unsweetened, canned coconut milk. The kind you get in the Asian aisle at the grocery store. I added some sugar and basically cooked it down until it was thick and sweet.

I was really not sure this would work, but it did. It thickened up as it cooked and then even more as it cooled. I could not believe how well this worked. Really this worked. It is a dairy free version of sweetened condensed milk.

Now, I will say that it is not 100% the same. The color is different. It is not quite as thick. And it is not as sweet. The color doesn’t really matter. The thickness doesn’t matter for most recipes. If you have ever has the low fat or fat free sweetened condensed milk you know the texture is not 100% the same either.

The taste is also not 100% the same. It really can’t be because it is made from coconut. Coconut has a distinct flavor. In some recipes this might be a problem, but for most things I think the coconut flavor works. In many recipes the chocolate, pumpkin, or other flavors will be strong enough to mask the coconut.

As far as the sweetness goes that is easy to fix. Add more sugar if you want. I like the fact that it is not quite as sweet as the original one, but if you miss that highly sweet taste of the real thing, add more sugar.

Dairy Free Sweetened Condensed Milk__

So far I have tried this in two recipes and both turned out great.

Remember those magic bars or seven layer bars that so many of use grew up eating? This worked great in those. My daughter was thrilled that she could eat them again. I made that pan in the picture yesterday using this dairy free sweetened condensed milk and it is almost gone. My daughter and the rest of the family loved these. If you want truly dairy free magic bars be sure to use a butter substitute or coconut oil in the crust and dairy free chips.

The other recipe I tried was a pumpkin pie. It was so good. I was not sure it would set up as well with the homemade sweetened condensed milk, but it did. It worked and tasted great. Diary free pumpkin pie is now on the menu plan for Thanksgiving. And I will be sharing that recipe and what I did tomorrow. If you are dairy free you will want the recipe.

I also tried a version of this sweetened condensed milk with the low fat canned coconut milk. It didn’t really work the same. It did not get as thick and the texture was not quite right. I may experiment some more with it, but I think this does need the full fat coconut milk to get the closest to the real thing.

And I will also add that I have only tried this in a couple recipes. It worked for what I tried it in. But I can’t guarantee that this will work in every recipe that calls for sweetened condensed milk. Those of you with food allergies probably already knew that, but I wanted to add that disclaimer. Overall I am very impressed with it and can’t wait to try it in fudge and other holiday treats. And of course I will share the recipes as I make them.

Dairy Free Sweetened Condensed Milk _

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Favorite Thanksgiving Food {Ask the Readers}

Ask The Readers

Next week is Thanksgiving, which means Thanksgiving food is on many of our minds. Today I thought we would talk Thanksgiving food for a fun Ask the Readers question.

When it comes to Thanksgiving I am all about the sides. I could honestly just forget the turkey and go for only the mashed potatoes, rolls, and vegetable sides. If I had to choose one side dish though it would be the mashed potatoes. I love mashed potatoes.

And then there is dessert. If I had to choose one it would be pie. If I had to narrow it down to a specific pie I would say pumpkin. I love pumpkin pie and have been known to eat it for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving. I am not the only one that does that am I?!

Now I would love to hear your favorite Thanksgiving food. Is it the turkey? The sides? Dessert? Or a family recipe that you have been making for years? 

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Foster Farms Gluten Free Corn Dogs

Gluten Free Corndog

Note: This post is sponsored by Foster Farms , but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

A corn dog that is gluten free and tastes great! Yes, please!

Today we are going to talk gluten free. This post is for those that are gluten free and those that may have a family member, especially a child, that is gluten free.

I have been gluten free for five years. Occasionally I realize how long it has been since I have had a specific food and all the sudden I start craving it. That happened to me recently with corn dogs.

Corn dogs are not something I ate often before going gluten free, so I am not sure why I all of the sudden wanted one, but I did. And I wanted a real corn dog, not a corn dog muffin or anything like that. I wanted the real thing.

So, I bought a package of gluten free corn dogs that I found at a local store. My kids and I gave them a try one day for lunch and we were not impressed. They were okay, but not great. Certainly not a brand I would buy again.

A few weeks later I received an email asking if I would like to try Foster Farms new gluten free corn dogs. Since I had been wanting a corn dog, and was not impressed with what I had found so far, the timing could not have been more perfect. So of course I said yes. I would love to try them.

My kids and I decided to eat them for a quick lunch last week and we loved them!

These are so close to the real thing. The taste and texture were great.

Gluten Free Corndog-

Not only did I love the taste and I loved how quick and easy they were to get ready. A few minutes in the microwave or oven and your meal is ready. These would work great for a quick and easy lunch.

I think they would also be the perfect thing to keep on hand if you have gluten free kids visit your house. Think of how easy these would be to bring out for the gluten free child at a birthday party or dinner. Or if you have a gluten free grandchild or relative. Most kids love corn dogs and with these in the freezer you would have an easy gluten free meal ready for them.

  • Foster Farms Gluten Free Corn Dogs are certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG).
  • Foster Farms Gluten Free Corn Dogs contains less that 10ppm of gluten per serving.
  • Foster Farms Gluten Free Corn Dogs feature a 100% chicken frank dipped twice in a honey crunchy batter with all the taste but without the gluten.
  • Foster Farms Honey Crunchy Corn Dogs are America’s number one selling corn dog line.

You can find out more information about on Foster Farms website. And these are available nationwide at stores like Safeway, Vons, Kroger, Albertons, Food Lion, and more.

Have anyone tried these? I would love to hear what you think of them.


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Two New Holiday Series {Christmas Recipes and Gluten Free Candies and Cookies}

30 Days of Christmas Recipes from Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Do you need some Christmas recipe ideas this year? Really who doesn’t need more Christmas recipes? I think we can all use more recipes, especially quick and easy holiday ones.

November and December are the busiest time of year for many of us. We all need quick and easy recipes that still taste great. That is why I am so excited about two new series I am starting next week for the holidays.

The first one is 30 Days of Christmas Recipes. Starting next week and continuing until Christmas week, I will be sharing 30 Christmas Recipes. The recipes are focused on Christmas, but most of the recipes will work for any special occasion not just Christmas.

The second series I am doing will be in my gluten free section. It will be 30 Days of Gluten Free Candies and Cookies. Eating gluten free can often be challenging during the holidays, so I will be sharing gluten free recipes and ideas that are easy to make and safe to eat. They will also be recipes that everyone will enjoy, not just those that are gluten free.

If you are gluten free or know someone that is you will want to follow along with 30 Days of Gluten Free Candies and Cookies.

30 Days Gluten Free Candies and Cookies

I love cooking and baking and I know many of you do as well, so I am really excited about these two series.

Bot of them will start on Sunday and continue until the week of Christmas. I  can’t wait to share all these delicious recipes with you!


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Gluten Free Wednesdays {Gluten Free Pie Crust and More}

It is time for another Gluten Free Wednesday, which I co-host with The Gluten Free Homemaker and Gluten Free Easily.

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gf pie crust

I think you all have Thanksgiving and pie on your mind because gluten free pie crust was the most popular recipe last week.

The Cranberry Cookies and the Paleo Pumpkin Cake also look great. There are so many great gluten free desserts to try this year for the holidays!

I can’t wait to see what you all link up this week.

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Nine Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

Nine Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is almost here? The year has gone by so fast and I can’t believe that is time for the holidays already.

The holidays are a busy time for all of us and we all need quick and easy tips and recipes, so today I thought I would share nine of my favorite easy Thanksgiving recipes.

potatoes soaking in water

Make Ahead Mashed Potato Tip

homemade cranberry sauce

Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Creamy Double Potato Bake-

Creamy Double Mashed Potato Bake

Easy Crock Pot Mashed Potatoes

Crock Pot Mashed Potatoes

Pumpkin Pie Squares from LynnsKitchenAdventures.com

Pumpkin Pie Squares

Pumpkin Cake Pudding from LynnsKitchenAdventures.com

Pumpkin Cake Pudding

Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes

Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes

Creamy Lemon Pie Squares from LynnsKitchenAdventures.com

Creamy Lemon Pie Squares

Butterscotch Pumpkin Cupcakes from LynnsKitchenAdventures.com

Butterscotch Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

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Traveling, The Holidays, and Food Alleriges



Note: This post is sponsored by Udi’s Gluten Free, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week? Yes it really is almost the end of November and the holidays are upon us. Which means busy schedules, holiday dinners, and traveling. And this time of year can be challenging when it comes to food allergies.

Three in my family eat gluten free and my oldest daughter has a tree nut, peanut, and sesame allergy. So this is an issue that we know and understand all to well. It doesn’t matter what kind of food allergy or issue you deal with, the holidays with all the events and travel can be challenging, especially if you are new to gluten free or food allergies.

Today I thought I would share a few tips for dealing with holiday travel and food allergies. These tips really work any time of year, but holiday travel is what most of us will be doing over the next month or two.

Take Food With You When You Can

When we travel I always take as much food with us as I can. If you travel by car it is easy to load up a small cooler with food that is safe for you to eat. If you are traveling by airplane you can still manage to take quite a bit of food with you. My girls recently visited Washington DC with a friend and they took jerky, granola, homemade trail mix, granola bars, and other items that were easy to pack in their suitcases. It made the trip easier because they knew there would always be at least something they could eat.

If your travel only involves a short drive to visit family offer to take as much food as possible. Many dishes and items can be made and frozen ahead. Things like cookies, candy, casseroles, etc. can all be made ahead of time and taken with you.

Pack a Box of Gluten Free Cereal or Granola

This one is along the same lines as what I just mentioned, but the number one thing I always take when we travel is cereal. Either gluten free granola, some other kind of gluten free cereal, or both.

Granola and cereal works great for traveling for many reasons. It is easy to pack. It is inexpensive. And it is easy to eat almost anywhere.

If you are at a hotel that offers a free breakfast, a box of cereal allows the gluten free person, or person with food allergies, to always have something to eat. Most hotels that offer free breakfasts will have milk and fruit. Add this to your cereal and you have an easy safe breakfast.

A bowl of cereal can be eaten in a hotel room or car. You can eat it dry or buy a small single sized container of milk. This will work for breakfast, lunch, or dinner if needed. Just don’t forget to pack a few disposable bowls and spoons as well.

It is also easy to bring out for the holiday breakfast and grandma’s house when there is nothing safe to eat.

Dry cereal also makes an easy, semi healthy, snack on the go.

Having a bag of gluten free granola or box of gluten free cereal really has saved us so many times. It is my favorite food to bring when traveling.

Buy Convenience Items When Possible.

The holidays are a time for homemade baked goods and treats, but when traveling and visiting family is it not always possible to make that gluten free treat you love. Companies like Udi’s Gluten Free and others make gluten free easy, especially when traveling. Gluten free cookies, muffins, bread, granola, and even cinnamon rolls are great things to buy this time of year.

This works great for times like when everyone is eating grandma’s famous rolls or cookies. The gluten free person or child dealing with food allergies is going to be left out. Buying convenience items to take with you or for the person you know that needs them will make the holidays so much easier on them.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

If you are staying at a relative’s or friend’s house during the holidays, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask what will be served. Ask what you can bring to help out. Offer to help in the kitchen. Not only do most people enjoy having help, it will help you know what is going on and what food will be safe to eat.

Educate. Educate. Educate.

Yes educating your family and friends about gluten free and food allergies is important. It is not always easy, but it is important. This is extra important if this is a new allergy that others are not familiar with.

If you or someone in your family is highly sensitive or has a life threatening allergy it is important to let everyone know how serious it is. If it is a young child with the allergy make sure others know not to offer them food. Talk about cross contamination and the risks.

I will be the first to admit that educating family and friends is not always easy. Not everyone will be understanding and helpful when it comes to this issue. I am sure we have all dealt with the family or friend who was less than gracious about having to deal with our food issues, but in general I have found that many do truly want to help keep us safe. So help educate them.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is my number one tip when traveling with food allergies. This not only applies to taking food with you, but in finding places you can eat. When we have a trip planned I always search restaurants and stores in the area. I map out places that are safe for us to eat or places that I can stop and buy food.

Planning ahead on this makes it so much easier when you are on the road and hungry. Or when aunt Sally wants to go out to eat for breakfast or lunch. If you have a plan you can easily say let’s go here to eat today. Planning ahead and researching restaurants has saved me so many times.

Relax and Have Fun

So this one might seem pretty obvious. The holidays should be a time for enjoying family and friends, but that is not always easy to do when you have to constantly think about what you can or can’t eat. By doing a few things like I mentioned above you really can enjoy the holidays.

I have only covered a few basics tips today, so I would love to hear your thoughts and advice for dealing with food allergies and holiday travel.

Learn more about living gluten free! Visit http://udisglutenfree.com/community

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of GF Kids & Family. The opinions and text are all mine.

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10 Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes

10 Thanksgiving Day Recipes

Gluten free eating can be challenging during the holidays. So many memories are tied to food and so many memories are made during the holidays. It makes gluten free all the more challenging when we are trying to recreate the food we love and associate with those memories. Plus food is everywhere we go this time of year.

Today I wanted to share ten of my favorite gluten free thanksgiving recipes. Most of these are easy to make. All of them are food that no one will think about being gluten free. These are gluten free foods that everyone in your family will love.

Light and Fluffy Gluten Free Dinner Roll

Gluten Free Dinner Roll 

Gluten Free Pumpkin Roll

Gluten Free Pumpkin Roll

Pumpkin Pie Squares from LynnsKitchenAdventures.com

Pumpkin Pie Squares

Gluten Free Biscuit from LynnsKitchenAdventures.com

Gluten Free Drop Biscuit


Gluten Free Pumpkin Bars

Light and Fluffy Gluten Free Bread from LynnsKitchenAdventures.com

Light and Fluffy Gluten Free Bread


One of my favorite Gluten Free Pie Crust and what I will be using this year for the holidays.

gluten free gravy__

Gluten Free Gravy


Gluten Free Pumpkin Pudding Bread

Corn Pudding

Corn Pudding

What is your favorite gluten free food to make for Thanksgiving? 

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