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Gluten Free Cream Cheese Pound Cake

MS Cream Cheese Pound Cake-

Last week for my gluten free cakes series I shared a gluten free disaster. This week’s recipe is not so much a disaster, but I really would not call it a success either. Which is why I am not sharing the actual recipe. I would love to hear your thoughts and advice on this one though. The recipe was for a cream cheese pound cake. […]

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Gluten Free Cakes {Keeping It Real Part One}

photo (84)

When I announced my new gluten free cakes series a few weeks ago, I knew there would be times I had to keep it real, very real, and show some of the disasters that happen behind the scenes. You see when you bake gluten free, you will have disasters. They will be a few things that don’t work right or just don’t adapt right to […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

I Give Up {Also Known As My Most Recent Gluten Free Disaster}

After making five loaves of bread, I think I have finally given up on adapting this recipe to be gluten free. Because really that is one ugly loaf of bread. No matter what I tried it just would not hold together. My son had some words of encouragement though. He told me that he did not care how many disasters it took to get a […]

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Gluten Free Cookie Disaster


Don’t those Gluten Free Molasses cookies look good? They tasted good too. The above picture was the first time I made them. The second time I made them I decided to double the recipe because we enjoyed them so much. And this is what happened. They still tasted good, but let’s just say they were a bit hard to eat. The science behind gluten free baking […]

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Coconut Flour-What Do You Think

Several months ago I bought some coconut flour to try in my gluten free baking. I had heard that it worked well and I was excited to experiment with a new gluten free flour. However, now that I have tried it, I am not impressed. It seems to give things an odd taste and texture. I made some muffins yesterday using coconut flour and there were some […]

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What Happened To My Gluten Free Muffins?

We all know the challenges of gluten free baking. Baking is a science, but gluten free baking is more of an exact science. Things have to be exact and precise, and if they are not, disasters very well may happen. I have made the above chocolate chip muffins several times. The first two times I made them they were wonderful. The texture and taste were […]

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Gluten Free Banana Bread Disaster

Gluten free baking is a whole new experience. The first few months of baking gluten free I had more disasters then successes. Lately though I have had many things that turned out well. I was beginning to think that I was finally getting this gluten free baking thing, but then this happened, and I was back to the  reality that gluten free cooking really is a challenge. I […]

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