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Antique Dressers

antique dresser 2

I have not participated in a Show and Tell Friday for awhile, so I wanted to do so today. Last October I posted about going to Texas to pick up a few pieces of furniture that were my husbands grandparents. I posted about the tables that we got, that by the way are still sitting in my garage because I can’t decided quite what I […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


pastel fiestaware

I really like the look of stoneware style dishes. I especially like Fiestaware, I have for a long time. I just like the look. I love all the colors and options you can do by mixing and matching them. I own a lot of different stoneware style pieces, most of which are inexpensive pieces that I have picked up here and there over the years. […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Antique Jars and Bottles

antique jars

I love old jars and bottles. I have been collecting them for awhile. I have a few of my favorite ones on display in my kitchen. I picked a few out to show you today. I have collected most of the ones I have at garage sales, but a few have been given to me by friends. The little green Squirt pop bottle is my […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

New Use For An Old Piece Of Furniture

pantry cabinet 3

We bought this piece of furniture several years ago at an antique store. Both my husband and I really like it. It was used as a wardrobe. I am guessing it was used in an entryway of a house for coats and outerwear. It still has the original bar and hangers attached inside. We wanted it to be more functional so we put shelves in […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Antique Tables


Last week my husband and I went to Texas to pick up some of his grandparents furniture that no one else wanted. We knew that some of it was not in the best condition, but my husband wanted it anyway. We were able to get two small antique dressers that are in pretty good shape. I will try to post pictures of those next week. […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Framed Fruit Print

fruit pics

I have had these fruit prints for a long time. They came from my grandmother stuff but I do not remember how or when I got them. But I know they were hers. I am guessing they are over thirty years old but I am not exactly sure. I have always liked them but have never been sure exactly what to do with them. I […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures