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Focused Couponing- Saving Money On Groceries

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Deals and coupons are not something that I talk about much on this site, but they have been a big part of my life for years. I grew up with a mom that spent many hours clipping coupons and matching deals. And this was long before couponing was the popular thing to do. My mom taught me well, and couponing and shopping sales have been […]

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Artisan Bread In Five Cookbook

artisian bread in 5

In my pre gluten free days I loved to make bread. I did a lot of experimenting and tried a lot of different bread recipes. One of my favorite books on bread making was Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. I loved this book and did a whole post about it a few years ago. They make bread making easy and doable for even those that have […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Grocery University

Several months ago I posted about how much I enjoyed the audio series Grocery University. It is full of information on how to save money on groceries. This course is over two hours and covers not only things like stockpiling and budgeting, but also where to find coupons, how store sales work, and lots of other money saving tips. If you are looking for ways to cut […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Great Coupons This Month

There are some great coupons available this month. I just printed several for yogurt, frozen vegetables, and Chex cereal, but there are many more available. If you have never printed coupons online you should give it a try.

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures