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Weber Recipes

weber book

I love Weber’s grilling cookbooks. I have owned Weber’s Real Grilling and Weber’s Big Book of Grilling for several years. I purchased them long before I was asked to participate in the Girls Grill Too campaign. When it comes to grilling I find that Weber’s recipes work best. It makes sense that a company that makes grills, would know so much about what cooks best on a […]

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Links That I Love


I decided today instead of sharing a recipe or tip of my own, I would share with you some of the recipe and ideas that I have enjoyed reading on other sites recently. I learned from my blogging friend Kate, that tomorrow is National Chocolate Chip day. Who knew that they had a special day for chocolate chips? I am going to post some of […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

A Few Recipe Links

I have found a lot of recipes lately that I am looking forward to trying. I don’t seem to have enough time to try all the recipes that I want to. But I hope to try to get to some of them soon. I thought I would post a few of the links that have caught my attention. I have been thinking a lot about […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

New Favorite Food Site

Thanks to The Frugal Mom I found a new cooking website. It is from King Arthur Flour. I knew that King Arthur had a great site that contained a lot of good recipes. But what I did not know was that they have a great cooking blog. It is full of good ideas and recipes. I have spent a little time the last few days […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Martha’s Recipes

I love Martha Stewart’s recipes and cookbooks. Yes, some of them are a little over the top but overall I really enjoy her recipes. I get so inspired when I look through her cookbooks. If you have read my blog for a while you will know that I love her cookie cookbook. It is great. I have tried several recipes out of it and I […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Emeril’s Website

I discovered a new recipe website today. It is Emeril’s Website. Okay, I know what you are probably thinking. Emeril? Yes, I know a lot of his recipes are for things most of us would never cook. He uses expensive ingredients and ingredients most of us do not have in our kitchens. But on his website he has several thousand recipes listed. He has over […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Favorite Cooking Sites

I decided to do a post listing some of my favorite recipes sources online. I love looking at recipes online. I have found so many tips and recipes looking around the internet. In the age of the internet you really do not need cookbooks, although I have many, you really could get by without spending the money on them. You can find recipes and tips […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures