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What Is Quinoa and Why It Is One of My Favorite Healthy Foods


January is the time of year that many people are focusing on healthy eating and exercise. I am not one that usually makes big changes at the beginning of the year. I set goals and have a basic to do list, but I find that slow changes stick far better than quick sudden ones at the beginning of the year. Instead of making huge changes […]

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Daily Tips and Facts On Facebook

If you follow me on Facebook then you may have noticed that I have started posting a daily kitchen tip or fact on my Facebook page. This is something I plan to continue to do. My goal is to post a kitchen tip or food fact every day on my Facebook page. So, if you do not follow me on Facebook it is a great […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Interesting Egg Facts


I am continuing to enjoy the book, “What Einstein Told His Cook” by Robert Wolke. I think this book is fascinating. It explains the science behind food. Robert Wolke is a Professor of Chemistry that also has an interest in food. He answers all sorts of odd questions and myths by giving the chemistry behind each food subject.  I enjoy learning about the facts behind […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures



Yesterday, when I posted the recipe about the carrot muffins I had an interesting comment left. It was from someone from the carrot museum. Who knew that there was a whole website devoted to the carrot. I was curious, so I went to the Carrot Museum Website. It was actually quite interesting and a little odd too. I spent way to much time this morning […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures