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Ask the Readers {What is Growing In Your Garden}

Ask The Readers

Growing up my parents always had a large garden and we loved the fresh fruits and vegetables that came from it. I learned a lot from my parents about gardening and my husband and I have had a garden almost every year since we got married. Gardening is a lot of work, but it is so worth it. There is nothing quite like fresh from […]

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Planting Fall Tomatoes

fall tomatoes

Those of you that live in the northern part of the United States may just want to skip over this post, since those of us in the southern part of the US, might make you a little jealous. And believe me, I know what it is like to live where the summer is very short. I grew up in northwest Oregon. Fall tomatoes do not […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

July Garden Update and How Is Your Garden Doing

Garden Produce July 2012

When I came home last week from vacation this is what was waiting for me. And actually I had more than that waiting for me. Since last week we have not only picked what is in the picture above, but have picked at least twice that many tomatoes, a few more cantaloupe, and some corn. Our garden really took off while I was gone. We had […]

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My Garden


This is the time of year when all the work in the garden is finally paying off. We have lots of tomatoes and more peppers than we can possible eat. We should have both watermelon and cantaloupe ready in the next few weeks. I am also very excited that the blueberry bushes, and the apple tree we planted five years ago, are finally giving us […]

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Garden Update


I don’t have a picture of my garden, but it looks pretty good considering the July heat here in Oklahoma.  But here is what we have picked from our garden the last few days. My peppers and cantaloupe are doing really good.  I have at least five nine cantaloupes, we picked four last night, in the fridge right now.  My tomatoes are really doing well, […]

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Pickled Green Beans


Last week I tried something new.  I have been picking a lot of green beans from our garden.  I was not sure what to do with all of them.  After hearing several people talk about pickled or dilly beans, I decided to give them a try.  I hope we like them because I now have 10 pints.

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My Garden or My Garden Full Of Weeds

garden 2  5-25-09

We have had rain and more rain here in Oklahoma. We had 21 days of rain. Now, it did not rain all day, everyday, but it rained at least some each day, and some days it was heavy rain. What does that much rain do to a garden. It makes it grow, but the problem is the weeds go also. See how many weeds I […]

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Garden Fresh Lettuce

lettuce 5-11-09

I picked our first lettuce of the year last week. Lettuce is one of my favorite things to grow in the garden. It is so easy to grow. It is one of the quickest things to grow, you get fast results compared to most other things in the garden. It also does not take up a lot of space. Even in a small space you […]

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Why I Garden

Garden 4-28-09

I keep hearing that more people are gardening this year due to the economy and I believe it. I usually go to two places to get my plants and seeds, usually a garden center and Lowe’s or Wal-Mart. This year I had to go to four stores to find all the things I wanted to plant. I had trouble finding what I needed. When I […]

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My Weekend

plants 4-23-09

Any guesses on how I am spending my weekend.

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