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Sometimes It Is Okay To Be A Yes Mom

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As we were going through the grocery store something caught my children’s eye. Big giant orange marshmallows…….why do they always put those things in the center aisle display where everyone is sure to see them? Yes, I know the answer to that, it is so that more people will buy them. And yes, I am guilty of just that with these pumpkin marshmallows. But it was […]

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Ask Them What They Miss

Today is the last day of 10 Days of Gluten Free. I have really enjoyed the 10 Days of Gluten Free Series and I hope you have also. My final tip for this series is another simple one. It is to ask your child what they miss. I have found that with both gluten free and other food issues, what I miss is often not […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Teach Your Kids To Ask Questions

Today’s tip for 10 Days Gluten Free is an easy one. It is simply to teach your kids to ask questions. Now I know kids usually love to ask questions. Sometimes they even drive parents a bit crazy with so many odd questions, but for gluten free eating it is important to teach them to ask the right questions. Just like it is important to read […]

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Teach Your Kids To Read Lables

One of the most important things we all do when it comes to food issues and eating gluten free is reading labels. We do it everyday. We do it every time we go shopping. When you eat gluten free you have to read labels basically every time you put something in your mouth. It is a fact of life when you are gluten free or […]

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Help Your Kids Understand That It Is Okay To Be Different

I think we can all admit that it is difficult to be different. No one wants to be the person that everyone looks to as being odd or unusual, especially a child. I know there are much worst things than eating gluten free, but to a child that is continually faced with challenges and questions about they way they eat, it can often times be […]

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An Eight Year Old Boy and a Jar

levi opening jar [pictures]

If you ask an eight year old boy for help in the kitchen, expect the unexpected, because life with an eight year old boy in the house is a non stop adventure. And yes that is what it looks like. Isn’t that how everyone opens a jar?

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Making A Meal Memorable And Fun


I recently made my Asian soup at my in-laws house and my mother in-law decided to bring out some chopsticks that she had for everyone to use while eating. My kids loved this idea and had all kinds of fun using them. Chop sticks were a great idea for this meal. Not only did using chop sticks give them a peek into another culture it […]

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My Daughter

doilie 4

I usually stick to food and kitchen posts, but I would like to take a minute  today to post about my eleven year old daughter.  She has a unique talent for her age or at least unique in our day and age. She crochets and she crochets really well.  She makes and sells items like this. This was the first project she ever crocheted and […]

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The Best Centerpiece

wildflowers 4-28-09

The best centerpieces are those picked by little hands.

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Cinnamon Toast

cinnamon toast

I recently served my kids a dish for breakfast that they thought was wonderful. It was one of those times where they thought I was brilliant for thinking of such a wonderful breakfast. They really did go on and on about how they loved it and wanted it again, soon and often. Any guesses what I served them? Cinnamon and sugar toast. Brilliant aren’t I? […]

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