Our New Grill

new grill [pictures]

  Thank you all for your thoughts and opinions on the different brands and types of grills last week. I really appreciated it and it helped in our search for  new grill. I posted last week on Facebook that I was having a bit of price shock when looking at grills. Part of the price shock was due to looking at grills nicer than what got destroyed […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Kitchen Essentials: Oil Bottle

oil set [pictures]

Today’s kitchen essential is a simple one, yet one that saves me so much time in the kitchen. Several years ago I purchased an oil and vinegar bottle set. I found the set on clearance and I loved the shape of the bottles. Yes, it was the design that first caught my attention not the functionality, but I knew I would use them for something. […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Kitchen Essentials: Offset Spatula

offset spatula

Today’s Kitchen Essential is one I love and use often. It is a simple and inexpensive tool that makes frosting cakes and cupcakes so much easier. I had heard about these for years, but it took me awhile to break down and buy one and now I am wondering why I waited for so long. The essential I am talking about today is a simple offset […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Electric Skillet or Griddle

electric skillet

Today’s kitchen essential is one that I know is not truly an essential, but it is a tool that I think makes life in the kitchen so much easier and it  is one I love and have used for years. Today I want to talk about electric skillets and electric griddles. I have owned either an electric skillet or an electric griddle since I got […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Kitchen Essentials: Pepper Grinder

pepper grinder

Today’s kitchen essential is a simple one. You can easily find it for around ten dollars at almost any store that sells kitchen and housewares type items. Yet, this item makes a big difference in your kitchen and how your food will taste. It is a simple pepper grinder. If you have not tried fresh ground pepper you really should. It has so much more flavor […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Kitchen Essentials: Cookie Scoops

cookie scoop

I have had many people ask me how I get my cookies to look so uniform and exact. They think I spend a lot of time getting them the perfect size, but it is actually a really a simple trick. All I do is use today’s kitchen essential. In order to get perfectly sized cookies every time I use a cookie/ice cream scoop. I have several […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Kitchen Essentials: Kitchen Tongs

kitchen tongs

Today’s kitchen essential is a simple one, but one I use all the time. This is an item that you can easily find for around $10 at just about any store that sells kitchen items. The kitchen essential I am talking about is kitchen tongs. Some of you may be wondering why exactly I consider these a kitchen essential. I consider these an essential, because […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Kitchen Thermometers

oven thermometer

  I know this series is called Lynn’s Kitchen Essentials, but today’s essential is a guest post by my sister Flora. Flora is a great cook. We have spent many hours on the phone talking about food and recipes. I was so glad that she agreed to guest post for me today. I love the item she picked for a kitchen essential. I could not agree with her more […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Kitchen Essentials – A Whisk

whisks [blog resize]

Do we really need a whisk or any other kitchen gadget? No, probably not. We could definitely whip eggs, egg whites, pudding, or whipping cream with a fork. Many people in past generations have done that exact thing. However, as much as I like to cook, I do not enjoy spending hours, whisking something with a fork, when there is a better way to get […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures