Blood Oranges {What Is It Wednesday}

Blood Oranges

It has been a long time since I shared a What Is It Wednesday. I started What Is It Wednesday back in January of 2011. Since that time I have shared over thirty items with you for my What Is It Wednesday feature. Sometimes I let you all guess what the item is and then I come back the following week and share the answer, […]

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What Is It Wednesday {Mulberries}

WIIW 9-4-13 2

I should have known you all would know what last week’s What Is It Wednesday was. Those of you that guessed mulberries were right. Dried mulberries were exactly what they were. And they got mixed reviews in my family. No one loved them. Some said the taste was okay, but did not like the texture. I would love some ideas on how to use these. […]

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What Is It Wednesday {September 4th}

WIIW 9-4-13_

You all have a pretty good record when it comes to What Is It Wednesdays, so although I think this week’s may be a hard one to guess, I am sure some of you will know exactly what it is. My daughter told me that they looked disgusting and like something you should not eat, but they are in fact edible. I will let you […]

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What Is It Wednesday {July 24th}

WIIW 7-23-13

This is going up a little late today and some of you probably will not see it until Thursday. Sorry about that. It was a busy day and I wanted to get up my post about my free ebook this morning so that you all did not miss out on it being free. Now for What Is It Wednesday. Today’s item for What Is It Wednesday […]

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What Is It Wednesday- Black Apricot Also Known As Pluot or Plumcot

WIIW 7-9

I loved all the guesses on last week’s What Is It Wednesday. It was a bit of a tricky one, mainly because it is known by several different names. Today is an example of why I love What Is It Wednesday. There is always something to learn. The container last week’s item came in said Black Velvet Apricot, but the black velvet apricot can also […]

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What Is It Wednesday {July 10th}

WIIW 7-9 _

My long time readers will probably remember my What Is It Wednesdays series from a few years ago. It was a fun series and I have been thinking about bringing it back. A few weeks ago I asked on Facebook if I should bring it back and quite a few of you said yes you loved that series and learned a lot. So, What Is […]

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Oxtail {What Is It Wednesday}

I was very surprised that so many of you knew what last week’s What Is It Wednesday was. And for those of you that did not know, it was oxtail. I almost posted this picture last week, but I was pretty sure that it would really give it away. When it is all lined up like it would be uncut, you really can tell it […]

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What Is It Wednesday {Thirty}


I cannot believe that this is the thirtieth What Is It Wednesday! I have had so much fun sharing all the different foods that we have tried. Today I have for you the second meat type food that I have used for a What Is It Wednesday. The first one I shared was hog jowl. Now, a picture of raw meat is not pretty, which is why […]

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Upland Cress {What Is It Wednesday Twenty-Nine}

Many of you were close when you guessed last week’s What Is It Wednesday, but only a couple of you knew exactly what it was. It was a cress, but not Watercress. It was Upland Cress. Upland Cress is in the same family as Watercress, but is a little different. Watercress likes to grow in wet areas, but Upland Cress and some of the other […]

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