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Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce


I have tried several hot fudge sauces over the last few years. I started trying to make my own hot fudge sauce in order to avoid the store bought version that is full of ingredients that I cannot pronounce. The homemade version may not be healthy, but at least I know what is in it. I recently tried a new recipe for homemade hot fudge […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Homemade Taco Sauce Recipe

Mexican Pizza

My family loves the Mexican Pizzas that I make. Since they are a copycat type recipe, I have been buying and using the taco sauce you buy in a jar at the store. We liked the famous fast food restaurant brand best, so that is what I was buying, and it worked well. Every time I bought the sauce though, I would think about how […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Homemade Vanilla Update


Back in March, I posted about making homemade vanilla extract.  I know several many people thought this was a strange idea.  I am pretty sure my sisters thought I was a bit crazy for making it.  But I really want to make most of our food from scratch and making homemade vanilla is so simple to do. I figured it was an easy thing make myself. […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Emerils Basic Red Sauce


I know a lot of people buy store bought spaghetti or red sauce, like Ragu and Prego. In the past I have purchased it some, but I have never been a big fan of it. Now that I am trying to stay away from packaged and processed things, I never buy it. I have a jar that has been in my pantry for over a […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Homemade Pizza Sauce


We like pizza, but since we live in the middle of nowhere, not quite nowhere, but a good way from a pizza restaurant, we make pizza at home. I make it several times a month. Our favorites are pepperoni and Canadian bacon. But we experiment with other varieties as well. I have made many pizza sauces over the years to use on our pizzas. I […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures