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Mounds Cookie Bars {Mom’s Chocolate Coconut Bars}

Mounds Cookie Bars

Coconut and chocolate go together perfectly in these Mounds Cookie Bars. Anyone that knows my mom or me in real life has probably been served my mom’s coconut bars. My mom has been making them for probably 40 years. I don’t know where the original recipe came from, but my mom has taken them to more church dinners, potluck meals, family gatherings, and meals to […]

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Coconut Cream Pie with Meringue Topping

Coconut Cream Pie with Meringue Topping 2

Who doesn’t love a good pie?! This Coconut Cream Pie with Meringue Topping is so good! And it is really pretty easy to make.   Adapted from Taste of Home

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Quick and Easy Coconut Cream Pie {Pi-Day}

Easy Coconut Pie

Did you know that today is Pi-Day. Yes, it is 3.14 day. Also known as 3-14 or March 14th. Last year I shared several of my favorite pies for Pi-Day, which are all still favorites. Today I wanted to be sure to share a new pie recipe for pie day. I thought I would share a quick and easy coconut pie recipe that I have […]

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Aunt Lynn’s Creamy Coconut Cake

coconut cake

This cake is one of my all time favorite cakes to make. It is rich and creamy and so very good. I have been making this cake for years. I got this recipe from my mother in law, who got it from her sister in law. So, this recipe comes from my husband’s Aunt Lynn. I started making this recipe shortly after we were married […]

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Fudgy Coconut Cookies

fudgey coconut cookies

I love to make cookies. In fact, cookies were the first thing I learned how to bake. I remember clearly the first cookies I made. They were the same no bake cookies that I wrote about almost two years ago. My cookie baking skills have grown quite a bit over the years, and cookies long ago became my favorite thing to bake. My cookies even won […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Easy Coconut Cream Pudding

coconut pudding 1

I love this pudding. I have been making this for years. It is so good. Not only is it good, it is a quick and easy dessert. You can eat this pudding just like it is, or you can use it to make two pies, by serving it in graham cracker crusts. We enjoy it both ways, but now I serve it without a crust, […]

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Lemon Coconut Macaroons

coconut lemon macaroons

I love cooking magazines. I love to look through them for tips and ideas like I do cookbooks. I often go to a used book sale in my area that is several times a year. Last year I came across quite a find at the sale. They had a whole stack of past issues of Paula Deen’s Magazine, for only 10 cents each. Well, I bought […]

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