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Weber Smoker and a Recipe

When I was offered to review a Weber Smoker as part of the Girls Grill Too campaign, I was thrilled. My husband loves smoked meat. Although we have  really nice grill, he has been wanting a smoker for a long time. When he was growing up his parents had a large smoker, and they used it often. He loved the meat they used to cook […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Weber One Touch Silver Charcoal Grill Giveaway

CONTEST HAS ENDED! I love to grill. In fact we grill almost year around. I know that grilling has the image of being a “man’s” job, but in our house I do almost all the grilling. My husband just does not have the time to spend cooking dinner on the grill, so he turned that job over to me quite a while ago. It is […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Teriyaki Steak

It is currently quite hot here in Oklahoma. I don’t think I will ever get used to the hot summers in this part of the country. However, the one thing that I do enjoy about summer here is how much grilling we do. It makes cooking and clean up so much easier to cook outside. One of my favorite things to cook on the grill is […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures