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As many of you know I eat gluten free and so do my two daughters. I sometimes talk gluten free here in my main section, but I try to keep most of my gluten free talk and recipes for my gluten free section. I have never wanted to overwhelm my regular, non gluten free readers, with gluten free stuff. I know I have a growing […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

What Is The Best Gluten Free Flour Blend

The Best Gluten Free Flour Blend

A couple of weeks ago I shared my number one tip for eating gluten free, along with some of my favorite naturally gluten free foods. Today I want to talk about gluten free flour blends. Long time gluten free readers probably already know that I am not a huge fan of gluten free blends. For most things I usually prefer individual flours. They make for the […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Do The Brands of Ingredients Matter In Gluten Free Baking

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Some days I love gluten free baking and other days I want to cry and never do it again. Just keeping it real for you all. I have had two major disasters in the last week on tried and true gluten free favorites. We were having pasta one night for dinner and I wanted a quick something else to go with it, so I decided […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Gluten Free Baking

During the first few weeks and months of being gluten free, I was overwhelmed with what to cook. I found myself not knowing where to even start. I ended up turning to quite a few mixes and boxed items. I choose these options because I knew that they were safe to eat, but I did not really like using them. In general, I like to make homemade […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures