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Mexican Meatball Soup

mexican meatball stew 2

I made this soup several years ago, we loved it, and I forgot about it. It got buried at the bottom of a pile of recipes, and I just recently found it again. I knew I needed to make it again. This time I tweaked a few things and made it even better. My husband loves this soup. It is a bit unique, because it is […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Mexican Chicken Stew

carnation chicken stew

This soup is so good. We loved this because it was thicker and more filling than your basic soup. It is definitely more like a stew than a soup. This soup/stew is also a little different because it has a spicy Mexican type flavor. My family loves the flavors that are in Mexican foods, so this soup worked great for us. My whole family loved this. I liked the fact […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures