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Three Ingredient Crock Pot Pork Roast

Three ingredients is all you need for this easy crock pot pork roast. This is a meal I made last month during the holidays. It was the perfect dinner in the middle of a lot of unhealthy holiday eating. I realized when I shared it that I have never shared the recipe here with you all. I do something similar with beef roast, but I […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Slow Cooker Sausage Chili

A few weeks ago we talked about the price of ground beef. If you haven’t read through the comments yet on that post, you need to. I really enjoyed reading through them to see what you all pay for ground beef. Rising grocery prices are something we all understand. Many of you mentioned that you often use ground turkey or ground chicken in place of […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Ham Salad Sandwich Recipe

If you have read my site for long, than you probably know that I am blessed to have a freezer full of ham. We raise hogs and I love having a freezer full of pork, but some years our hogs have been quite large and we have an abundance of ham, which means we often get tired of it. One year we had four- eighteen […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures