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How I Save Money On Food While Traveling

trip snacks

My family recently went on a week long vacation to the Grand Canyon and that part of Arizona. I shared on Facebook that my family had been gone seven days and only ate out four times. Quite a few of you wanted me to share how we did that. I finally feel like I have caught up from being gone on vacation and had time […]

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Everyday Adventures {Week 36 Vacation and Grand Canyon Edition}

Grand Canyon 2

Friday is the day that I normally share an Everyday Adventures post, but I am changing it up this week so that I can share a few pictures from our vacation last week. Our vacations normally involve seeing family on the west coast. Besides a few long weekends away, and a few work related trips, our family vacations have always involved going to see family. Which is […]

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Oregon Berries, Seafood, and a Run On the Beach

V lake

I am still playing catch up from our vacation, so today I thought I would share a few highlights from our trip. And tomorrow we will be back to normal and I will have a new recipe for you. The picture above is taken in the small town I grew up in. I love how peaceful and quiet a small town is. Not to mention […]

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I Don’t Think We Travel Like Most People……..

Drive 1

I have been gone on vacation for the last two weeks. Did you miss me? You probably did not even notice I was gone.  I wrote all my posts ahead of time and scheduled them so that things would pretty much be the same around here. If you have emailed me or left a comment and I have not gotten back to you, it is […]

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