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What Is It Wednesday {Wild Garlic}

wild garlic

Last week’s What Is It Wednesday was so much fun! I loved reading all the answers. The correct answer, which several of you got, was wild garlic. Some of you guessed wild onion and I can see why. They look a lot alike, but once you smell them, or pick them, you can tell the difference. Wild garlic smells and tastes just like garlic. Wild […]

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What Is It Wednesday {33}


Today’s What Is It Wednesday is courtesy of my daughter. She brought this in to me last week and we thought it was perfect for What Is It Wednesday. My daughter loves eating these. She will just bite a piece off or she will chop it up and put it on salad or on her dinner. This one will be interesting to see how many […]

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What Is It Wednesday {Chia Seeds}


Quite a few of your guessed exactly what last week’s What Is It Wednesday was. They were chia seeds. Chia seeds have gained in popularity the last few years, so I am not surprised that many of you knew what they were. I have used chia seeds a few times in cooking, but not a lot. I have used them in place of poppy seeds in […]

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What Is It Wednesday {32}


It is Wednesday which means it is time for another What Is It Wednesday. This week’s What Is It Wednesday item was a bit hard to photograph since it is so small, but I hope it is is good enough for you all to guess what it is. I am guessing that some of you that are into more health food and whole foods type […]

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Sumo Tangerines {What Is It Wednesday}

WIIW 31-2

I am so glad that you all are excited about What Is It Wednesday coming back. I am really looking forward to sharing new foods with all of you. Last week’s item ended up being a little bit of a hard one. Which I actually like. Not that I am trying to find things that are hard to guess, but when I share an item […]

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What Is It Wednesday {31}


What Is It Wednesday is back!  Do any of my long time readers remember What Is It Wednesday? I asked recently on Facebook if I should bring it back and quite a few of my long time readers said that they enjoyed the series and would love it if I would bring it back. If you have been reading my site for years you might […]

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Blood Oranges {What Is It Wednesday}

Blood Oranges

It has been a long time since I shared a What Is It Wednesday. I started What Is It Wednesday back in January of 2011. Since that time I have shared over thirty items with you for my What Is It Wednesday feature. Sometimes I let you all guess what the item is and then I come back the following week and share the answer, […]

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What Is It Wednesday {Mulberries}

WIIW 9-4-13 2

I should have known you all would know what last week’s What Is It Wednesday was. Those of you that guessed mulberries were right. Dried mulberries were exactly what they were. And they got mixed reviews in my family. No one loved them. Some said the taste was okay, but did not like the texture. I would love some ideas on how to use these. […]

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What Is It Wednesday {September 4th}

WIIW 9-4-13_

You all have a pretty good record when it comes to What Is It Wednesdays, so although I think this week’s may be a hard one to guess, I am sure some of you will know exactly what it is. My daughter told me that they looked disgusting and like something you should not eat, but they are in fact edible. I will let you […]

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Goji Berries {What Is It Wednesday}

WIIW 7-24-13 Goji berries

I was surprised at how many of you knew last week’s What Is It Wednesday. You all are smart. Now for those of you that knew what it was can you help me out, because really we did not like the goji berries. I picked them up at the health food store because I know they are supposed to be good for you and I […]

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