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Grandma’s Whole Wheat Country Bread

This recipe came from my grandma. We found it in her recipe box when we were going through her things after she died. Not only will I cherish that recipe card, I will cherish this recipe. I think of her every time I make it.

The only thing that I changed about it was to add the dough enhancer.


*You can also use only all purpose flour for a white bread.

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  1. what is dough enhancer?

  2. Sheri, here is one of the best explanation on dough enhancers (or conditioners) that I have read. I decided to just give you the link instead of explain. I order my dough enhancer, but my sister finds hers at her health food store. You can also make your own. Using dough enhancers is part of understading the science behind baking. http://www.tammysrecipes.com/node/2814

  3. Thanks Lynn! I have not had the best results in making my bread. I wonder if this will help. I also just found out that I need to use a thermometer with warm water. I didn’t know it had to be 110 degrees. I really want to get this right!
    Thanks again for your help!

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