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My Son’s Birthday

My sons birthday was this week. We let our kids pick their menu on their birthdays. My son choose pancakes for breakfast, waffles for lunch, and mom’s pizza (homemade) for dinner. He also wanted a Lego cake. (I hope to post pictures of that later this week) Only a child would pick a menu like that.

I have to include this even though it is non food related. I was in the kitchen working and my son walked in and said, I am not any bigger now that I am six. I said what do you mean, he again said I am not any bigger. I tried to explain that you do not grow overnight it is a slow process that you do not even realize is happening. He still did not quite understand. I guess he thought six was the magic number to growing up. Then this morning he informed me that he thought his voice was changing now that he was six. He really does think six makes him officially a grown up. Where do they get these things.

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