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One day last week I needed a bread item to go with our dinner. I did not have a lot of time to make something. I also had some heavy cream that was several days pasted the expiration date that I needed to use. I had remembered seeing a recipe for biscuits made with cream instead of butter. I decided to give it a try. I found the recipe in the cookbook “America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook”.
Biscuits are not my speciality. I have decided that it must take years of practice to be really good at biscuits. It seems like my grandmother and my husband’s grandmother just threw in a little flour, a little butter or lard, add some liquid and they had beautiful biscuits. Well, I guess I have not developed the talent to do that. I still follow a recipe. And although I have a couple of biscuit recipes I like, I am still looking for that perfect biscuit.
This recipe was really good. It was quick and easy. Heavy cream is not something I keep on hand though so I do not know how much I will make them. It was a good way though to use up cream that was going bad.

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  1. By the grace of God ... says:

    Not sure how I originally found your blog … I think it was the making granola post but I spent a while going through all your recipes! thanks for sharing, I am looking forward to trying a bunch.

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