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French Toast

french toast
I made french toast this morning. I like my french toast a little crispy. I do not like soggy french toast. I read a tip several years ago that helps it not get soggy. It is flour. If you just add a little bit, a tablespoon or so for every 3 to 4 eggs, it works great. French toast is one of those things you don’t need a recipe for. Some like it more eggy, some like to add exta milk. Others like to add cinnamon or nutmeg. But no matter how you like it the flour will help give it better texture.
I also like to mix it all up in the blender. I like it smooth. That is my other french toast tip. I do not like it to look eggy. You do not want to see white egg on the outside. The blender helps this. It makes sure it is all mixed very well. If you are adding the flour it will keep you from getting lumps of flour.
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  1. I have never heard this tip before… thanks! I will try it. We like ours a little crispy too!

  2. annejisca says:

    I also like to make extra French toast to freeze. Then, when my husband works early mornings, he can easily put a few slices in the toaster for a healthy, cheap, and fast breakfast!

  3. I hate eggy french toast and also like mine crispy! Thanks!

  4. Catherine R. says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I know this is off topic but maybe you can have a question and answer post sometime. I have a question for you if you know the answer: how do you keep brown sugar from turning into petrified rock?

  5. Bloggin' Mama says:

    I stopped making french toast a while back because I couldn’t keep it from being soggy w/out burning it…. Now I think I’m ready to try it again with this tip! Thanks.

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