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Library Books


I love books. I think I have mentioned that a few times already on this blog, but I do. In my opinion you can never have to many books. Well, you probably can but I think books are worth having.
One of my favorite sources for books is the library. You can borrow them, enjoy them, and take them back. The do not take up shelf space. If you find one that is really good you can then put it on your wish list to purchase. But if it is not very good you did not waste money in buying it.
The library we normally go to is ok but not very big. It is part of a good size library system though. One of my daughters had a Dr.’s appointment this week. It was near on of the larger libraries in the system. I could not resist stopping. Plus my kids always enjoy going to the library. I think this week we went a little overboard. Between all of, the three kids and I, we checked out 57 books. I know that is a lot. Now, some of those were kids picture type books that my son choose. But it is still a lot. I hope we can get them all read by the time they are do back. Thankfully our library lets you renew them if needed. I think we may need to this time.
The above picture is of the stack I got. I just discovered that this library has a great magazine section. I checked out a few Rachael Ray’s. I already have several recipes I want to try out of them. I will let you know if they are good.
I am looking forward to looking through the Clean Home Clean Planet book. My daughter is having allergy problems and smells are one thing that really bothers her. I am hoping to get some ideas for more natural cleaners from it. Maybe the Heloise one will also have some ideas on that. I have had the Martha one before but did not have much time to look over it. Hopefully this time I will. The Can I Freeze It book looked interesting too. I hope I can get some good freezer ideas from it. Maybe I can find some ideas to post about.
I better get back to reading now if I am going to get through that stack!
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  1. We too, make good use of our library. There is one close to home (walking distance) and the main library is about 25 min away and it’s a treat for the kids to go to a different library.

    Between my dh, 2 kids and I – we sometimes have close to 100 items checked out (but that includes videos, dvds and cds also).

    I don’t mind going to the library as often as the kids want to (or even when they don’t want to) b/c it’s a healthy pursuit.

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