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I had planned on posting several recipes tonight but I think I am going to wait. I am having trouble finding the energy.

Today was a very busy day. This morning I did some housecleaning. I cleaned all the light fixtures and ceiling fans in our downstairs. Plus, I did some other general cleaning. I corrected the kids schoolwork and did next week’s lesson plans. Then I baked some brownies.

Today was a really nice day here. It was in the 70’s. My husband was cleaning up some downed trees and branches from our field. We have a lot of debris on our property from the ice storm that hit us in December. We are still working on getting it cleaned up. Since it was so nice out and I knew he could use the help I spent a couple hours outside helping. After I came inside, I cleaned up and made pizza for dinner.

So, now I am really tired. I think I will eat a brownie, read a little, and go to bed. I will try to post some recipes tomorrow night.

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