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I think I am finally liking Walgreens. At least this week. I had coupons for the razor and the mouth rinse. I also used $8 in RR from last week. I paid $5.66 but I earned $6 in RR plus I will get $1.39 rebate for the Soyjoy bar. I think I did pretty good. If I can continue this I may not give up on Walgreens.

I got the Soyjoy bar because it will be free with rebate. But we did not like it. Does anyone really pay for $1.39 for those. I know they are supposed to be healthy but I think that is a lot for such a little bar.

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  1. Those SoyJoy’s are a bit much for being so teeny. I only buy them when they are free, too. I prefer the chocolate one and the strawberry wasn’t so bad either. You need a glass of milk handy with those things, too!

  2. KayleighJeanne says:

    My husband and I love the SoyJoy bars, but we got them at CVS to start with when they were free after ECBs. Most recently we got them for about 25¢ a peice at Rite Aid after coupons and on sale. They definitely aren’t worth that much though!

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