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Meal Planning Menu

Note: I planned this post and menu before I wrote this post last night about trying to eat healthier because of my daughter. I am in the process of trying to cook healthier for my family and am struggling with it. I did not change this week’s menu because I am still trying to figure things out. Hopefully, future menu planning will show some healthier meals and choices.

Last week I cleaned out my pantry. I have not done that in a very long time so it was long past needing done. I got it all organized and put back together. I bought some jars at Wal-mart to put my beans, rice, and pasta in in order to organize it better. While cleaning out my pantry I found that I have a couple of odd things that I must have gotten for one recipe or another and did not end up making them. So I decided to try use them up this week. One of the ingredients was a can of bean sprouts. I will use it in Chinese Cashew Chicken. I also found some chipotle chilies and lots of enchilada sauce, which aren’t that odd but they do need used. I also have a lot of cold cereal thanks to sales and good coupons. We have got to eat some of it up.

Chicken is on sale in my area this week. I am so glad. We have been eating so much pork and beef because it is what is in the freezer, that I am ready for some chicken meals.

So here is the menu:


Freezer French Toast





Sandwiches- several days to use up tuna from pantry





Hot dogs, coleslaw, salad, and ice cream (we are having company on Memorial Day)

Fajitas ( I am trying a new homemade seasoning, I will post it if it turns out well)

Chinese Cashew Chicken

Chicken Enchiladas

Hamburgers and Fries


I am taking bread, 5 layer bean dip and chips, and lemon bars to church dinner on Sunday

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  1. Your menu looks great! I love fajitas.

  2. Julieann says:

    That is so funny==Chicken was on sale quite a bit last month–so we had a lot of chicken, now red meats are on sale:)

    Your menu looks great:)


  3. Kirstin says:

    Your menu sounds great and I checked out several of your recipes…yummy! I am putting you on my blog so I can refer back regularly.

    Happy cooking

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