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My Nice "Quiet" Walk

This evening I decided to go for a walk. I was wanting a little peace and quiet and some fresh air. I started down our driveway and saw something like this……..

Not exactly peace and quite is it! This is not the exact snack but it looks very close to what I saw. I thought it was a copperhead but was not sure. I did not stay around long enough to decide if it was or not. I turned around and ran as fast as I could, back to the house yelling for my husband to come kill the snake. He grabbed the closest thing he could, which was a shovel, and came to my rescue. He got the snake. And yes, it was a copperhead.

I hate snakes. I really, really hate snakes. I grew up in western Oregon where the snakes are quite harmless. I just can’t get used to the snakes in this part of the country. This actually happens quite often. The finding of snakes that is. Our property is rocky and we have a pond. Part of our property also is near the river. Our dogs have been bitten by copperheads several times. And last year my husband killed a six foot rattle snake.

I feel very wimpy when I turn, running, and yelling, but what else is a girl to do? Would you kill it? I actually hope if I had to I could, but so far every time I have seen one my husband has been home. I know one of these times I will have to deal with it myself. After all, I do not want my children getting bit by one.

Oh the joys of living in Oklahoma!!!!!

And sorry once again this has nothing to do with food.

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