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Replacing Gas Grill Grates

We bought a gas barbecue grill about three years ago. We have used it a lot. It is something we have really enjoyed having. We use it at least once a week, nine months of the year. By the end of last summer the grates on the grill looked like this:

Pretty bad wasn’t it. Not only did it look bad, the food really stuck to it. It was hard to flip things over because they would stick or you would get part of the coating that was coming off on your food.

We decided we really needed to do something about it in order to be ready for grilling this spring and summer. The rest of the grill is still in very good condition. We did not want to have to replace the whole grill just because the grates were bad. We checked around at several stores and discovered that our grill was an odd size so new grates were hard to find. I looked around online for them and found that they were over $100 to replace. At this point I was beginning to think we would just have to replace the grill. I decided to call the manufacture of the grill to see if they would have any advice about replacing them. I found out that through them I could get a replacement set for $50 including shipping. Plus they are now making them out of a better material so they should last longer. Now our grill looks like this:

Much better!

So my frugal tip for today is check around thoroughly when needing to repair or replace an item. It was much cheaper to spend the time finding a replacement for the grill grates than it was to replace the whole grill.

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  1. That is awesome! It never hurts to ask! I love it!!

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