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Trying To Eat Healthier……..

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I like to snack. Even as a child I was not much of a meal eater. I just like to snack throughout the day. I enjoy sitting down to eat dinner, but besides that, I have never been much of a breakfast and lunch eater.

In my teen years, I would just grab something quick in the morning, eat something quick for lunch, and then snack if I could. This worked fine for me. After I got married, I still did not eat much for breakfast, as much as my husband has tried to change that. Now that I have three kids, I am very bad about fixing meals for them, but then I never sit down to eat. I end up cleaning up the kitchen or doing other things while they eat. This means I usually grab a banana, muffin, or granola bar for breakfast. For lunch I will grab a piece of cheese as I fix their sandwiches and maybe a handful of chips along with it. The trouble with this is that it does not fill me up, and I end up grabbing a handful of this or that in between meals.

I am five foot ten inches tall, and I have always been thin. I have always had the kind of metabolism that other people can’t stand. I can/could eat most anything and never gain much weight. Well, for those of you who know me, I am still not overweight, but I am not exactly as thin as I once was. Nor am I the weight, I feel best at. I think all my snacking is catching up with me. I think I am eating more here and there than I realize.

I am beginning to realize this is not the healthiest way to eat. I also think it is a poor example for my kids. I really want to teach them how to eat healthy. If you do not have a fast metabolism, snacking can really cause a weight issue. Besides that when you snack, you usually do not end up snacking on healthy things. I need to be a better example to them.

So in my quest to do better about eating meals, I am starting with lunch. I am having trouble finding lunches that are quick and healthy, and that will stick with me so that I won’t snack all afternoon. I tried this.

Kimi’s Asian Noodle Salad

She posted it on her blog last week. I LOVE it. I think it makes a great lunch, and I really did not get hungry until dinner. It was quick and easy to make and something that will give us plenty to last a few days. One of my daughters also loved it. We had some of it leftover, so we ate it tonight with Salmon Burgers. My husband even thinks it is great. I think I will be making this recipe a lot. I am going to try adding some chicken and vegetables to it to make it a main dish for dinner.

I did cut back a little on the oil, but besides that I made it pretty much the way she said. I only had angel hair pasta, so that is what I used. I am sure it would be good with any other very thin pasta. I agree with Kimi that the pasta should be thin.

So does anyone else have trouble with snacking? Do you eat a regular breakfast and lunch or just nibble here and there?

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  1. Catherine R. says:

    Being that I have always had *ahem* mood problems, I have discovered that eating a real breakfast actually really helps stabilize my mood if you can believe it. So I got into the habit now and I don’t think I’ll stop because I have really realized how important it is and the results are hard to argue with.

    Same thing with me and snacking through the day. A nibble here and a nibble there and then I find that the hunger hits me like crazy and them I’m not only in a bad mood but I am frantically trying to prepare something. I don’t like that kind of urgent food preparation.

    So that’s why I make an effort to eat full meals, then after that, snacks if needed. It’s important to make it a real priority and not just wait till you’re dying of hunger. As far as weight goes, things are better for me when I am eating real meals too.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.