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I get bored easily with cooking. I have lots of different cookies I like to bake. I have several pancakes recipes I use.

For my waffles though I have one recipe I use. I have given up finding a better one. This recipe came from my sister. I had tried many waffle recipes but never could get the right texture. They were either to soggy or too crunchy.

I also wanted a recipe that was easy. I have tried a recipe of Martha Stewart’s but I want something quick. I do not want to spend an hour in the kitchen first thing in the morning. So this recipe works for me. It is very good and quick and easy. The original recipe uses regular white all purpose flour. We like it with 1/2 whole wheat.

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  1. Like you I am not a breakfast eater. However my husband would eat breakfast food every meal if he could. I made these waffles for his birthday and it turns out my entire family loved them (even my 2 year old and my picky eater)! Thanks. I am looking forward to the next recipe. Tina

  2. I just wanted to leave a post that I made this waffle mix up this weekend so that my hubby could make us waffles yesterday morning for Mother’s Day. As usual, the three of us that could eat it loved it. My daughter chose to have fried potatoes for breakfast, but I’m going to look for the gluten-free waffle recipe on the other list. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for helping them make a great breakfast yesterday!

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