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A New Favorite Granola

I have been trying out different granola recipes over the last few months. I think we now have a new favorite. The original recipe came from allrecipes but I tweaked it a little. You can really change this recipe around to your tastes. Add raisins or other nuts, dates, or coconut. I even think some peanut butter would be good. I hope you enjoy

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  1. Okay, two questions …

    (1) I’m assuming the wheat germ and flax seed meal are just to add nutritional value and could be omitted without effecting the quality of the granola?

    (2) I was under the impression that flax seed went rancid quickly after being ground up. Are you grinding yours freshly to create your own “meal”? And does baking it mean that it’s safe to keep stored without the potential of the granola going bad?

    • @AshleyJ, Okay, technically that was three questions ๐Ÿ™‚

    • @AshleyJ, Yes the wheat germ and flax just add nutritional value. You could leave them out, but since they equal almost 1/2 a cup I would add in a little extra oats, if you omit both. I have not made this exact recipe in awhile since my daughter now has a nut allergy and some in my family eat gluten free but we used to love it. By flax meal, I mean the ground flax seed and yes it does go bad if not eaten in a short time. For my family though a batch of granola like this would only last a few breakfasts, so that is not an issue for us. I hope that helps.


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