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We love books in our house. Several months ago Crystal posted about Paperbackswap on her site Moneysavingmom.com. I was immediately interested. We had quite a few books on our shelves that we had read but were not ones we really wanted to keep long term. I thought paperbackswap would be a good way to pass them on to others.

When I signed up I listed 15 books. I have since added a few. I have had requests for all but 2 of the books that I had listed. I put a lot of books on my wish list hoping some would come available. I have had a couple of books a month from my wish list become available. Not to mention, others I have found and requested.

When I was putting books on my wish list, I decided to add some cookbooks. I did not really ever expect to receive any because I figured that not many people would ever list cookbooks. Well, this week I was nicely surprised because I received these three cookbooks.

I received Martha Stewart’s Pies and Tarts, Martha Stewart Living Annual Recipes 2002, and Christmas With Southern Living. None of these are books ones I would have paid full price for, but I was very thankful to be able to get them from Paperbackswap. So my frugal tip today is if you really like used books, including cookbooks, give Paperbackswap a try. Paperbackswap is a great way to get the books you want without spending a lot of money. For more frugal ideas see biblicalwomanhood.

Once you have an account you can receive 2 credits for each person who signs up under your name. To sign up you need to list 10 books which most people probably have just sitting on their shelves collecting dust. Before I listed my books I checked to see if they were on anyone’s wish list. So before I even signed up, I knew that I had several books that I would immediately have requests for. If you decide to sign up, please use the link that is in my sidebar. I highly recommend Paperbackswap.com.

Does anyone else like Paperbackswap?

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  1. Shari Ellen says:

    It’s good to meet someone who has used Paperbackswap. I’ve been hesitant to join.

  2. The one thing I should have added about PBS was watch heavy books. I mailed a large book and it cost me over $4 to mail, even at the cheapest rate. I have gotten some pretty nice books so it was ok to do once. But I will avoid lising books that are too heavy now. And by heavy I mean this book had like 800 pages. I should have known better.

  3. Melissa says:

    I love PBS. I have sent out and received hundreds of books there over the past few years. I cannot believe some of the high quality books I’ve received–many cookbooks here too.

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