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Kitchen Tool

I really enjoy having an ice cream maker. We don’t live close to a grocery store or ice cream store. If we are in the mood for ice cream and we are out of it, too bad. It is not worth the trip to town to get some. But with an ice cream maker you can have ice cream any time you want. I enjoy experimenting with different kind of ice cream.
Our current favorite is a recipe Life As Mom linked to a couple of weeks ago. It came from the Better Homes and Garden website. We love this easy recipe. We have also left out the Toffee and used peanut chips which was really good. I think mint pieces or Reese’s pieces would also taste really good. I think you could really change it up.
For more great tools see Life As Mom.

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  1. FishMama says:

    I still haven’t had a chance to try that recipe! I’ve been getting such good deals on ice cream. Hopefully by the end of the season we can give it a whirl.

  2. Zimms Zoo says:

    I got the ice-cream attachment for my kitchen-aid for my birthday. I also got a ben and jerry’s ice cream cokbook. we are loving it. especially since i have gestational diabetes.

  3. How exactly do you stir anything into frozen ice cream? Thanks!

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