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Meal Planning

Last week my menu did not go quite as planned. Several days were just crazy and things got moved around. I also had steak on the menu last week. I do not know what I was thinking. I should have planned that for Father’s Day since it is my husband’s favorite meal. So we did not have steak last week we are having it on Father’s Day. Several things are new recipes and I hope to post some of them. I seem to be in the pasta mood this week. We are also having a church picnic at our house on Saturday. So I did not plan lunch or dinner on Saturday.

crockpot grits
eggs, toast
yogurt and muffins

chicken salad sandwiches
lunch meat sandwiches

steak, cheese rice, spinach, homemade ice cream
chicken, pesto, and bread
frittata with sausage, bread, salad with homemade dressing
spaghetti, salad
meatloaf (in freezer), orzo cooked risotto style
leftovers or pizza
For more menu ideas so orgjunkie.com

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