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I have a question for you. When I post a recipe I tend to simplify the directions. I have been assuming everyone knows the basics about cooking. I think a lot of cookbooks and online recipes are written from the view that you know little about cooking basics. They go into great detail so that you will not make a mistake.

Well, I tend to change things up a bit when I do a recipe. When I write a recipe out I get to the point. I don’t add a lot of details in the directions. I had not really thought of this until recently. My niece was making one of my cookie recipes but did not know it was mine. She looked and the directions and said something about “who wrote these directions, did this recipe come from Aunt Lynn?”

So, my question is do you want more detail in my recipe posts? Should I give you more instructions in my directions or do you like it to the point and basic? I enjoy sharing the recipes I am trying and I want post them in a way that makes you want to try the recipe also.

Thanks for reading and I really enjoy getting comments.

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  1. I like the simple style. If I ever need to know what something means when I’m trying something new, I have always been able to just google an answer.

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