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Simple Is Sometimes Best

Last night for dinner we had something simple. I grilled boneless skinless chicken breast and brushed them with barbeque sauce. I made some 40 minute rolls to use as buns and we had chicken sandwiches. I served it with lettuce and tomatoes. We also had salad and canteloupe.

Usually when I grill chicken I use a marinade with all kinds of ingredients. I like to change things up and try new recipes. I do this with most of the things I cook. Today though, I needed to make a quick and easy dinner, so I chose just to brush barbecue sauce on them. I have done this before but it has been a while.

I guess I need to make these more often. All three of my kids told me it was sooooo good. They all said we need to have it more often. Even my husband said how good it was. So I sat there wondering why I usually go to all the trouble of making fancier things when they are happy with simplicity.

They do like most of the meals I prepare. I just found it odd that they complimented this meal more than any other recently and this was one of the easiest meals I have fixed recently.

So sometimes simple is best!

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  1. Isn’t that the truth? Most of the time, my family is far happier with the simple things I do for them. Maybe it is a cost/benefit situation – when I go to extra effort I expect extra praise/thanks. When I go to hardly any effort, any amount of praise/thanks is unexpected but welcome. Maybe I should just concentrate on the simple things, huh?

  2. Maybe we are all just trying to be to gourmet. ๐Ÿ™‚ Kids like simplicity, I guess we can and should learn from them once in a while. Simplicity usually is cheaper.

  3. My family’s favorite grilled chicken is when I marinate it in Italian Dressing. It’s so good and tender!

  4. Kirstin says:

    Will you post your recipe for the rolls. That would be yummy!

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