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This Week’s Library Books

These are the books I have from the library right now. I am always finding new and interesting cookbooks at the library. I thought I would let you know what I think of these ones so far.

“Baking From My Home To Yours” By Dorie Greenspan is really nice. The pictures are great. I love lots of pictures in my cookbooks. I have only tried one recipe out of it and it was really good. It was a cookie and I hope to post it very soon. I think this book is written more for the serious baker. This is not a beginner cookbook but it is a great one. I have checked this one out now three times. I can’t extend the due date again so I really need to try a few more recipes out of it.

“How To Cook Everything Vegetarian” is one I have not looked through much yet. No, we are not becoming vegetarian. I thought it might have some good tips for vegetables and eating healthier.

“Artisan Bread In Five Minutes A Day” is one I am really enjoying. But five minutes is a bit off time wise. I love to make bread and this cookbook is opening up a world of possibilities of make ahead breads. The concept is that you make the doughs up once a week then you can have fresh bread whenever you need it. I have made doughs like that before but this book seems to have perfected it. They really go into a lot of detail and give you a lot of options for using the dough. I think this one is going to go on my cookbook wish list.

“Everyday Food” by Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food Magazine. I will just start by saying what Martha considers everyday food is not what most people call everyday food. There are quite a few recipes that call for odd or expensive ingredients that most people will not have or do not have the budget for. With that being said I think this book does have some good recipes. It has some basic vinaigrettes and pasta sauces. Most of the recipes are simple and healthy and have quick cooking times. There are several out of it that I want to try. I think when you look through Martha’s cookbooks you just have to search to find the recipes that fit you best. Overall her books are really good but a little over the top most of the time.

The last book “In the Defense Of Food” was recommended by someone who commented on one of my trying to eat healthier posts. I have only read one chapter in this book and so far it is very interesting. I may end up buying this one because I don’t think I am going to get it read in time to take back and there are some other holds on it. Maybe I will just try really hard to get it read. It is definitely one I want to read though since I am trying to find information on eating healthier.

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