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Buying In Bulk

I like to buy items in bulk. It is not cheaper on all things but on some things it is quite a savings. For example we like homemade pizza. Pepperoni is my husband favorite type of pizza. Pepperoni is expensive and not an item I see on sale very often. Yes, we could do without pepperoni, but I like to try to fit items my husband likes into the budget. I have found that I can do this by buying some things in bulk. Pepperoni is one of them.

I buy it in a 5 lb package at Sam’s Club. Yes, I know that is a lot of pepperoni. For us about a years worth. But it only cost me $11.57. I wrap it up in individual packages and freeze it. I get about 18 packages which is about 18 meals. I usually use 1 package for two homemade pizzas which for us is a dinner and lunch for my husband the next day. This makes pepperoni much more affordable. It is much more than this per package at the grocery stores.

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  1. I agree – we don’t use pepperoni often, but it is nice to have on hand. i even read a recipe for pasta salad with pepperoni cut up. i’ll have to head to sams so i can stock up and try the recipe!

  2. Mom2fur says:

    I don’t shop at stores like Sam’s, but I’m going to look for bulk packages of pepperoni at my local supermarkets and freeze them in smaller portions like you do. It’s a great idea! I like homemade pizza but have yet to put pepperoni on it because of the cost. This sounds like a good compromise!

  3. dolphin lady says:

    My kids love pepperoni pizza, and back in January I began making Turkey Pepperoni that they LOVE and it costs less than $2.00 per pound! You may want to try it out, too. Here is the link; http://burganfamily.blogspot.com/2008/01/today-i-made-turkey-pepperoni-from.html

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