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Cooking For Company

I just returned from my trip to OR yesterday and this Thursday we are having a missionary family with seven kids stay with for a few days. How do you prepare for this much company after just getting back from vacation. You plan ahead. You make lists and schedules and you stick to it.

For me the cooking and kitchen work is the most difficult when it comes to hosting this many people. I do not want to spend my whole time in the kitchen and miss out on enjoying having them. So, I made cookies and more cookies and froze them a couple of weeks ago. I made freezer french toast (I hope to post the recipe soon), zucchini and banana bread, and barbecue pork and froze them all ahead of time. I am also planning some easy meals like hotdogs.

I also made a list before I left on my trip of what I have to do each day this week. Today, it is unpack, put away, and do laundry. Tomorrow, I will clean and go to the grocery store. Thursday morning, I will get the beds and rooms ready where they will stay. And no I do not have beds for all of them, I am making up some beds on the floor. Then I have a meal list that I did before I left. I also did a to do list for those meals. I listed when I need to take things out of the freezer, etc.

My husband and I enjoy hosting families. Especially missionary families. The Lord has put us in a place where we are able to do this and we are always feel blessed by the visits we have with them. It is a lot of work but well worth it. The timing this time, was not the best because of just returning from a trip, but with planning ahead I think it will go just fine.

I really think whether your company is two people or nine, whether they stay one day or four, planning ahead is the best thing you can do to make it go smoothly.

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  1. Extraordinary Ordinary Life says:

    I definitely agree. I love the freezer ideas too. I also freeze a lot of things like cookie dough and meals too. To do lists are a must. It helps to get the many ideas in my head down on paper. You are undertaking a lot with just getting back from your trip, but it sounds like you are very organized and ready to go. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  2. Sonshine says:

    I definitely agree that planning ahead is the best thing to do!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Enjoy your company!

  3. Those are really awesome tips for being prepared ahead of time. Where in Oregon did you go? Things like spaghetti sauce, taco meat, chili are so nice because you can make it all ahead of time to thaw and use later.

  4. Kirstin, I visited mainly the Portland area. I grew up west of Portland in a small town about half way between Portland and Seaside. I still have family there and also in the Portland/Vancover area. The wedding was south of Newport, along the coast.

  5. BarbaraLee says:

    What recipe do you use for zucchini bread?

  6. I will post my zucchini bread recipe soon. It is from a cook’s illustrated cookbook and it is not online from what I can find. I will try to post it after my company leaves. I have tried several recipes for it and it is my favorite.

  7. Good for you — for planning and being hospitable. Hope you enjoy their company.

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