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Fly Lady Book Give-A-Way and Vacation

You will not be hearing much from me over the next week. I am making a quick trip to the West Coast for my sister’s wedding. When I have time I will check email and moderate comments but other than that you won’t hear much from me.
Since I won’t be posting for awhile I decided to do a book give-a-way. I was going to place this book on paperbackswap but decided to let one of you enjoy it.
I bought this book a few months ago at a homeschool convention. I had heard about the Fly Lady before and everyone seems to love what she has to say. My goal for the summer was to get more organized. I felt overwhelmed and decided I needed to spend time getting my schedule and my house organized. So this book caught my attention.

I have to say I did enjoy this book. She has a lot of helpful information. But what I learned in reading this book is that I am more organized than I realized. There is always room for improvement but overall I do a lot or similar things to what she recommends. So, even though I like the book it is not one that I want taking up valuable space on my bookshelf.

I think the reason I have been overwhelmed with my house and schedule is just that I needed to rework things a bit, things change from year to year and month to month. We need to constantly be adjusting to that. Kids grow, their needs and schedules change. I used to have one child taking piano lessons now I have two and in a few months I will have three. I needed to adjust to added lessons and practice times. That is just one example of what I needed to change up a bit. Now that I have reworked things a little, it is going much better.

There were several other things in the book that made me realize I was more organized than I thought. One of them was getting dressed and ready in the morning. I think all moms have days where they don’t get their shower until noon. I have had many over the years. But in general I like to get dressed and ready in the morning. For me this is after I exercise. I can’t stand to stay in my pajamas or sweats all day. I never have liked to do that. Even when I am sick I get up and get dressed, that is just what makes me feel better about the day. I have to say I am not much of a shoe person though. I need to work on that one.

One of the other things the Fly Lady suggests is scheduling and routine, well I do that too. For years I have done laundry on Monday and Thursday. My mom and sister think it is funny how scheduled my laundry is. I also grocery shop and go to the library on Tuesday, iron and pay bills on Wednesday, Clean house on Thursday and Friday and so on. I find that if I have a schedule, it gets done. For example ironing, I hate to iron, I would put it off until the pile was overwhelming. But once I started doing it once a week it became manageable. If something comes up and I miss it one week I can always do extra the next week.
I think the one problem I have is I like my schedule too much. By that I mean I get thrown off when something doesn’t go right. For example if we have Drs. appointments on a Monday, I don’t get laundry done, then I have to do it on Tuesday because when it comes to laundry, we need clean clothes. I struggle with being off the next day when this happens. I need to learn to be more flexible. Schedules and routines are great but we can’t let them rule our lives. We need to adjust for the occasional off times.

Back to the book and the give-a-way. This book is full of tips and suggestions for becoming more organized. I do highly recommend it for those needing some help in that area. That is why I decided to give my copy away. I read it but it is still in very good condition and I want one of you to really get some good out of it.
So please leave a comment telling my why you need to be more organized and why you need the Fly Lady’s book. I will draw a winner when I get back.
For US residents only please. Please make sure to leave your information so I can contact the winner.

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  1. Am I the only one who has seen this post? Just send the book to me…I need it! I keep my house organized most of the time but need more help with the cleaning of it. I hate to do dishes and keep putting it off!

  2. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace says:

    Hey Lynn. I was going to remind you to participate, again, for Tempt My Tummy Tuesday, but it seems you will be traveling. Hope you can join us again, real soon.
    Oh, I would love the Fly Lady book. I need help with organization. Seriously, I have not filed any “important” papers since I had my baby, LAST YEAR. I have the “area” that has a pile of papers that need to be put in the appropriate files. Oh my, and I don’t even want to tell you about this desk that I am sitting at right now. So, the book will be great. Have a great trip.

  3. Michelle says:

    I’d love to be entered please! I have 4 kids (boys no less!) and am hopelessy unorganized. I try things that sound good, but they always fail, lol.

  4. Catherine R. says:

    LOL I know some people who need this book more than me, like my husband’s mom. But I don’t know how well that would go!

    I think someone besides me should get it…in all honesty, I have a pretty decent handle on this kind of stuff, although I’m sure the book would be a good read and good inspiration. I love her rules for clutter (on the website). To me, clutter is kinda like sin, you think you’re doing okay and if you get lazy for a minute it builds up like crazy and then you say “how did this happen?”

    OKAY put me in the drawing.

  5. MommaofMany says:

    I’ll enter! I am pretty organized already, but would love to read it over, pick out any gems that will help and then pass it on to someone else who needs it, as well.

    Have a great vacation, and enjoy some summer days on the coast!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Lynn, I would love be entered in the FlyLady’s book give away! I’ve been wading through my days – just trying to get the “big stuff” done (clean undies, food on the table, etc.), but it’s time for me to take control of my clutter! Liz

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.