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Last week we had a missionary family with seven kids stay with us. We have had this family stay with us several times. I always enjoy the time with them. They have given so much to serve Christ in a foreign country.

Each time we have had missionary families stay with us it has served as a reminder to us of how easy our life is and how ungrateful we as Americans are. We take so much for granted. This family loves what they do and seem to have adjusted fine to life in another country. But just hearing about their life in a foreign country makes me feel spoiled. The things they have to do in order to do day to day things, are things most of us would never consider. And the items we consider necessary are things people in other countries would consider luxuries.

We complain when a storm causes an electrical outage for a few hours, when we should be grateful to have reliable electricity. We complain about the quality of our water when we should be thankful we have clear running water when we turn on the faucets. We complain about the price of gas but we should be thankful we have a choice of several gas stations on just about any street corner. We complain about the price of produce like melons, cucumbers, and tomatoes, we should be glad we have access to them at all.

We have access to just about anything we could want or need, at stores within thirty minutes of most of us. If we can’t find it at a store, we can order it online and have it delivered within a week. I never really think about what a luxury this is. But it is. We can get just about anything we could want or need anytime we need it. We really are spoiled in America.

Having this family in my home has made me very grateful for those giving up the American lifestyle to serve Christ in other countries. It has also reminded me that I need to be grateful for all I have. I need to stop complaining about things and realize how good life in America really is.

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