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Last week I spent some time putting a few things in the freezer to prepare for company we will be having in a couple of weeks. We will be having a missionary family with seven kids stay with us. I will post more about that later. I decided with nine extra people in the house I better get some things made up ahead of time. So I made and froze barbecue pork and freezer french toast plus a few other things. I hope to do a little more this week.

Since Fish Mama has done several posts on her freezer cooking, I decided to post something that I think makes my life a little easier in putting things in the freezer. They are these:

Simple Pyrex type containers, but what makes these so great is the lids. They make them stack so well in the freezer. I don’t have to worry about things not staying stacked nicely. Because the lid is pretty sturdy, you can stack quite a bit of weight on it. I used to do a lot more freezer cooking when I was having health problems. I would cook when I was feeling well so that I would have meals ready when I wasn’t feeling well. Because I did so much freezer cooking I invested in quite a few of these pieces. But they really were not that expensive at Wal-mart. Over the last few years I am so glad that I have had these. Even though I have scaled my freezer cooking back quite a bit, I still find myself using these dishes over and over again. I have several different sizes. I have 8×8, 11×7, and 9×13 and they all get used often.

For more great tools see Life As Mom.

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  1. FishMama says:

    Ooh! I love those! I only have one, but I wish I could swing it to get more. When I was buying all that disposable wrapping this weekend, I thought of that. GREAT TOOLS you got there!

  2. Fishmama, when I did so much freezer cooking I realized in the long run they would pay for themselves. I bought the disposable ones at first and realized that it was worth it with the amount I was freezing. I was freezing over 1/2 our meals each month. I don’t know if I would invest in them now that I am not doing as much freezer meals, but they are so nice to have. I am glad I bought them a few years ago.

  3. Donna-Michele says:

    Although I am probably easily your least organized reader, I do have a tip for you on this one… If you don’t have enough Pyrex, place the food in freezer zip bags then use the pyrex as a form to freeze in. This still gives the tidy blocks, and you can slit the bag and place the food into the (available) pyrex to cook. The exception is that for meats and bbq, I use foil around the food to freeze, and leave it to cook in so my Pyrex is easier to clean… see, ambitiously lazy!


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